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What do you scrimp on?

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A friend uses the same piece of dental floss, tied in a loop, until it falls apart. After every use he wipes it clean and soaks it in some alcohol based solution till the following night. Depending on the gauge he says he can make it last several weeks. So, I suppose one 50m roll lasts him more than a year.
Anything approaching this level of stinginess?
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I save money by not flossing.
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Originally Posted by Kent Wang
I save money by not flossing.

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I'm probably unusually obsessive about reusing paperclips. Obviously, they're dirt cheap, so it's not a money issue -- something just bugs me about the careless waste.
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I refuse to buy anything unless I absolutely love it. If there's any doubt or wonder, I won't purchase it.
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I save my money by using my parent's money instead...
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I scrimp on handouts to deadbeats.
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I have some cousins who are rich - as in mogdiniani in the dinning room, matisse in the bedroom, rich. they invited me to a christmas party a couple of years ago, and on the invitaiton it said "please bring peanut butter sandwhiches". I called, as I was a little confused, and talked to my aunts secretary, who said we should bring 50 peanut butter sandwhiches, prefereably cut into little pieces and with no crusts. anyway, they had more than 100 people there, and didn't serve any food aside from what the guests brought, and punch.
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Everything but clothes and motorcycles and my kids.
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Post-It tape flags.
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I 'scrimp' on cheap everyday things, and am far less stingey for expensive luxury things.

For example, I'll think ten times before spending five pounds on socks, or 2 pounds on toothpaste, but I won't bat an eyelid to spending 70 pounds on fresh flowers.

I never 'scrimp' when it comes to food and drink.
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I charge my cell phone at work. Saves me several euros a year in electricity bills.
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I tried the no flossing also. So now I just scrimp on teeth.
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I refuse to pay parking fees unless Im in Laguna, LA, or for a 1 year parking pass at my uni.

I also avoid spending at vending machines. It might not seem like a big deal, but many people at my school buy every day. I try to drink a full glass of water regardless if I'm thirsty or not before I go out.
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I only fill up gas at the cheapest place in town. I used to drive maybe 10 minutes out of my way to fill up. now thers is a place on my normal route that is cheap, but I only fill up there.

I don't know if this qualifies, but I buy socks and underwear a bunch at a time, and use it until it falls appart.
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