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Sunglass wear

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is it ok to wear them inside? wht about on a day that is, not sunny? like at night i just bought a baby blue/clearish pair and was wondering when it is ok to wear them, b/c it is really an accessory to my outfit. Also, I have seen pics of brad pitt wearing them at night, and am confused of when it looks tacky
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I think if you are not in the sun, you shouldn't be wearing sunglasses. It's a pretty simple rule. I wear mine almost all the time I am driving during the day, because they are polarized and not very dark, so they cut glare but not too much vision. I don't wear them inside though, it's not only ridiculous looking but also disconcerting and rude to other people who can't see your eyes. j.
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It depends on who you are...Puff Daddy aka P.Diddy aka Sean Combs is wearing his sunglasses all the time. ...just kidding...I wouldn't wear 'em inside.
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Do not ever wear sunglasses indoors. Brad Pitt and Puff Daddy do it deliberately to be irreverant and obnoxious, not because it is an "accessory to their outfits"
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Don't do it! I had mine on my forehead going through CDG, and they fell onto my nose as I was walking out with my hands full carrying my luggage. Some french guy w/ an M-16 went ape on me and started going through my bags.

Plus, it's just bad form unless you're hungover or high.
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I always see people wearing their dark glasses indoors. I don't really like looking at other people's eyes nor other people look at mine when talking so I sometimes wear them too. Sometimes I wear my eyeglasses since the frames are sufficently large, they might as well be shields.
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Wow, serious necropost.
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Originally Posted by j
Wow, serious necropost.
I didn't see the date. It showed up on page 1 for me as if it had just been added.
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