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Hey, in the fifties, there were a whole bunch of nicely woven polyester tie fabrics. "Made from Imported Dacron Polyester". Hell, I was thrifting not long ago and saw one from Brooks. When it was new, it was marketed as a high end material.
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There are polyesters these days that none of you could distinguish from the finest silk.

That doesn't mean they have the same resilience or strength of silk. Or even that I believe they should exist at all from an environmental standpoint.

But textile technology has advanced tremendously in the past decade - particularly in terms of the advances in polyester.
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I was not on SF in 1979, but even I knew then my mom cheaped out when she got me the nauga sleeves and not leather for my school letter jacket. Feh. And I've seen those BB polyester shirts at thrifts. They aren't even retro cool; they weren't cool to begin with.
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mmmmmmmm naugahyde....................nothing like that 'new car smell'..........................Nice! biggrin.gif
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bumping this thread; I have these Bally loafers. Are they just printed calf, or something more sinister?

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I'm looking for an ID on this leather. I saw the sharkskin at the head of the thread and its similar... yet a bit more broad in its wrinkles.
It's a Florsheim Imperial branded as "The Caravan Collection".
I found a mid-seventies Canadian trademark registration for Caravan Collection for Boots and shoes made of tanned or printed skins of wild and domestic animals.


It reminds me a bit of some seal skin shoes that were posted on SF recently.
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Originally Posted by LooknGr8 View Post

Apologies if this has already been discussed (just point me to the thread please), I haven't seen anything here.
This auction says...shark? elephant?
Or is it calf and the listing is a typical scam?
Also, they seem to look kind of...wrinkly and ruined, as if they were stored at the bottom of a river for a while. Is it just the photography, or the fact that there's no feet in the shoes when the pictures were shot? If this is a rare and desirable hide, what are the merits of something that looks like that?

shit. these shoes are made from shit.

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