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I bought a lens for my camera from

It was a 12mm f/2.0 lens that was priced at $704

The package shows up today. The box was the right box, but inside the box is a 17mm f/2.8 lens that's worth about $150. Warranty card is also missing.

My guess is that somebody bought both lenses, put the cheaper lens in the box, returned it as if it were the expensive lens, and basically defrauded Amazon, getting a $700 lens for $150.

So, I call Amazon, looking to return the incorrect lens and get the right one sent to me. Problem is, the lens I originally ordered is not in stock, and the street price has recently shot up by about $100.

Here's what they do: They offer to buy me the same lens from a non-Amazon vendor (at a $100 premium to what I paid) at no additional charge to me, including free expedited shipping. They provide me with a free shipping label to ship the wrong lens back to them.

This is how customer service should work. I didn't have to argue. They made me completely whole, going out of their way to acquire the lens from a non-Amazon source at a higher price than what I purchased it for. They paid for shipping both ways.

There is a reason that Amazon is so successful. I buy a lot of stuff from them. After this, I will buy even more.
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Cool story bro.

Yes Amazon is always amazing in customer service.
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Amazon customer service is great, if they can offer things cheaper than most other online shops with usually quicker postage I dread to think what profit the other shops are taking or excess costs they're incurring.
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amazon has razor thin margins im sure.. nobody else moves the volume they do to make up for it.
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Yup, I've had only great experiences with Amazon customer service.
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Some of the absolute best customer service I have ever dealt with. There's nothing they won't do to please you.

I had one of the original Kindle 3 leather covers with the design flaw that kept shorting the battery. They told me to keep it (or throw it away) and sent me the updated one including the built in light (like a $30 premium) with overnight shipping, all at completely no cost to me.

This is why I've been a prime member for 5 years and use Amazon for almost all my online purchases.
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Good to know guys because I did have some shocking experiences with online shops..

Will buy from them more often.
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I buy a good bit from Amazon and have only had very few issues including the Marketplace sellers. They fixed things immediately.

Earlier this year I got a Prime account and it is terrific since I buy a lot of rare music on the Marketplace.

Amazon is a great company.
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I had a really bad experience with them a few years ago. It was regarding an order I didn't place, and they were kind of dicks or the guy was about it. I actually got it escalated to a phone call situation and spoke to someone a few times. Wish I still had the correspondence but it was several years ago, probably 07 and it was on my old Outlook which i didn't back up really.
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Wait!!! They didn't let you keep the first lens??? eh.gif

Actually..that is good CS!
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I got a free prime account with a student ID over a year ago and I haven't looked back. Amazon is the bee's knees.
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Originally Posted by Texastyle View Post

I got a free prime account with a student ID over a year ago and I haven't looked back. Amazon is the bee's knees.

Gotta love free prime account biggrin.gif
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