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Pocket squares

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Everyone I would like all of your takes on this conundrum that I face. Alan Flusser mentions in his books not to match pocket square with a tie. I see this everyday. Even on the evening news, Peter Jennings always seems to match his tie with his pocket square and not to mention the Canali ad with the pink tie and pink pocket square. I mean I personally don't do it but it doesn't seem weird, at least in my eyes when pocket square and tie are of the same color and texture for that matter. What is your take on this? Also, I would like to know how each one of you fold or not fold your pocket square when you leave it in your pocket. As always, comments and debates are welcomed... Thanks
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I personally believe that a pocket square should not be the same pattern as the tie. It is exciting when the square picks up a, perhaps, obscure color form the tie. Or, the square compliments the shirt, suit, etc.... Nothing wrong if the square and tie are the same color, but I think contrast or compliment is the way to go. The square can also introduce new colors to the total scheme. My goodness, I have an entire drawer of pocket squares. I've worn a paisley square with a rep tie. The possibilites are endless. And that is what the square does--it a subtle touch to the entire look.
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I agree with both of you -- nothing inherently wrong about it, but nothing spectacularly right about it either. Flusser wants us to be closer to perfection than the ads do.
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from what i've heard, the pocket square should match the tie, but not be an exact match. personally, i've never seen a pocket square on anyone that looked bad, regardless of what it matched or didn't match. although i can imagine a few combinations that wouldn't work, i've never seen them. btw, i once bought a black silk tie that came as a set with a black silk pocket square for twelve bucks (i was in a hurry and desperate to find a solid black tie). ever since then, when i see a guy whose pocket square matches his tie exactly, i imagine that he bought them as a set. (perhaps for twelve bucks.)
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HitMan009 (licensed to shop?): Compliment, don't match, your shirt and/or tie with your pocket square.  If you do have a yen to match go for the shirt, never the tie.  For a very conservative look try plain white, even if it is a little stuffy.  There was a brief period such as the early 1940's when men did match tie and pocket square, but thank goodness we've moved on. There is some school that believes that the tie or jacket and pocket square should contrast in fabric.  If you're wearing a silk tie opt for a linen square, or a tweed jacket is best worn with a heavier more casual square of wool or cashmere.  White linen would appear too formal.   This theory has some merit, but silk still looks great with any fabric. I tend to use the puff and points, but there are many different styles of folds.  Try for a casual not too studied look for your pocket square:   Four Point  --with the pocket square on a flat surface, pick up each of the four ends and fold over leaving the points or ends higher than the middle.  Place in pocket so that the points show. Puff - Pick up the square in the center with the four points hanging down, fold over and insert in your pocket so that just the "puff" is showing and spread it to fill the pocket opening.   Three Point -- fold the square into a perfect triangle with the flat side toward you, move the lower left corner to the right of the triangle then move the lower right corner to the left of the top point, adjust the three points so they are even, fold the bottom up less than half way and push into your pocket. TV Fold - very 1940-50's.  Fold the pocket square to 1/8th its full size, insert into pocket with ½ to 1 inch of razor straight square showing above the pocket. Peaks - Start with the square open, fold over diagonally to form a perfect triangle with the flat side to your right.  Fold the bottom edge up to the right of edge farthest from you and a little higher, move the left edge slightly higher and to the right of the two peaks you've created and you should have three peaks or triangles.  Fold the square and insert so that the peaks will show out of the pocket Puff and Points  --  pick up the four corners of the square, fold in half and put in your pocket exposing both the points and the puff center. Andy
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Excellent comments I have to say, keep them rollin....
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