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Tech support thread

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I know this is going in the wrong section, but it will be read by more people in the clothes chat and then can retire to another section. I thought it would be good to run a HOF topic in the general chat section about tech support regarding this forum. Specifically, I think it would be useful to create some kind of FAQ for people to learn about basic posting of pictures, hyperlinking, etc. I'm personally still searching for a decent site to house some pictures that I can post online. What does everyone else think? And for starters, is the HP Photo site a decent place for me to dump stuff? How about those large files that Andrew uses? (I have a 3.2 MP ELPH that takes decent pics)
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I like this idea a lot. I wanted to post a picture back in the "reveal thyself" days, but I wasn't sure how to upload a file from my QuickCam folder into a post. Plus, there are plenty of other things that I have noticed people asking about such as quoting, using italics/bold/underline, or linking a URL.
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I agree that having a FAQ section with tips and tricks would be most helpful. Regarding HP Photo, a free account gets you 100MB of storage space and each uploaded file can be upto 5MB in size. For a free account I think this is pretty awesome. The downside is that this forum's software doesn't allow the images from hpphoto to appear in the text of the message. You can only provide a link to the images. This is because the links generated by hpphoto do not have a .jpg extension. Some other forums I participate in do not have this issue with displaying images. Generated links only last 3 months and are primarily designed for auctions. Another option is PhotoIsland, but a free account only gets you 10MB I believe, but the generated links have a jpg extension and images can be included as part of the message. Hope this helps.
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J would have to do this. As most have guessed I'm a technological troglodyte.
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This thread is a good idea. I'll leave it here until some people (ahem) answer the questions, and then consolidate it and put it in general or link it at the top or something. People who know how to get pics hosted and post them etc. should tell the rest of us how to do it. Personally I have webspace (obviously) so I have never used one of the free hosting services.
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So is there any way for me to simply upload or paste or picture from my hard drive into a post to go with the "HOF: Reveal Thyself" thread?
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