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I stumbled upon a store downtown around 18th and I. It's a pretty unassuming place, so I was surprised to see that it had a decent selection of stuff. If I'm remembering correctly, the store had both the '70 and '79 Darroze. The guy running the place was knowledgeable and eager to help. He was raving about the '79.

S&R Liquors. They have two bottles of Darroze right now, a '70 and '79 Cheateau de Gaube. Nice people and a nice selection of less expensive armagnacs including a few nice Casteredes.
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If you do come to the Armagnac region, I would be more than happy to help with suggestions of visits to different producers.  As you say they are extremely warm and welcoming and so passionate about their eaux-de-vie.

Every one is different with such diversity that you will go home with bags bulging and for not very much money!






Carte professionnelle.jpg 1,061k .jpg file




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Do you have the map in a higher resolution, Amanda? Il est difficile de voir les détails. Merci.
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I was looking for some cognac or armagnac today and I found this on clearance. I'm not a brandy expert, but it's quite nice.

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I picked up a 1/2 bottle of Germaine robin XO, it's pretty good!
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I've been wanting to try their XO.

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My local place shocks me every now and again. Are you ever in jersey?
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Thoughts on Lafontan? I can get the 1973 Veuve Lafontan Chateau Pouthet for 50 €. I tend towards not buying it unless someone here has had some of their Armagnacs before though. Information about the product is scarce. Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
Also, bump!
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50 euros for a 40 year old liquor is ridiculous
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Wasn't there another cognac thread somewhere?
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The XO is quite nice (as are, IMO, pretty much all of their offerings). Not long ago my daughter was out in California at Ledgers Liquors in Berkeley and brought me back a bottle of the G-R Heirloom Apple Brandy as well as (yum) a bottle of the 16-year-old single barrel brandy that was- in this case - distilled from Semillon grapes.
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I agree that it is ridiculously cheap, though you will find that this is often the case with Armagnac.  It is often sold too cheaply but do not feel that that means it is an inferior product.  Armagnac is always good value for money anyway and rather than bling expensive bottles, you will find that the producers prefer to have the quality in the bottle rather than spending big money on the packaging.


Please do contact me if you want any particular suggestions.  I work with the Armagnac producers all of the time.

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So suggestions?
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