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120 megabit internet

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Just noticed this... VTR Chile is offering 120 megabit internet for roughly 140 USD. I have their 40 megabit plan for about 60 USD and get around 5 megabits to the US. I get 40 megabits to the VTR speed test, but most servers in sudamerica suck ass. Do you think I'll get better speeds with the 120 megabit plan?
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Most plans that have recently came out have always been buggy - Sometimes you may have issues even being able to go onto the Internet - In your condition, if you hear good reviews on the chosen ISP, i suggest you definitely go for it.


You will get 120MB - but if you don't really need that much and you have a stable connection, than stick to what you have until they bring newer speeds in plan.


It seems fairly good.

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