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Hello everyone,

I am a Canadian PhD student and I will be working at a hospital in Oconomowoc starting early May and until the end of August. This will be a great opportunity, but my time there is also associated with the inconvenient fact that I am completely unfamiliar with Oconomowoc and Milwaukee. Most notably, I don't have a place to stay down there and I am not familiar with how to find housing in Wisconsin or in the USA.

I would really appreciate some pointers with respect to finding some housing in or near Oconomowoc or Milwaukee. General help (e.g., a website with apartment listings) and specific help (e.g., my uncle has a nice basement suite for rent) would both be appreciated! My primary concerns would be location (in Oconomowoc or near) and pricing.

Also, I would appreciate any guidance regarding enjoyable activities in the area! People on this forum have always made wonderful suggestions in the past when travelling smile.gif