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Three times now, a spam site under the moniker has taken over my browser (latest Firefox running on XP) and redirected me to a fake Firefox site. All three times occurred during the CE and Lifestyle sections.

I'm running very strong spyware so I am a bit concerned about this. Is anyone else experiencing this?

I'm running updated definitions and no spyware turns up.

Any ideas?
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Anyone? Bueller?
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Sorry, nope. Then again, I'm avoiding CE and FL, and dialing it back elsewhere anyway.

Are you running noscript for Firefox? It's a hassle at first but I like it very much. It blocks quite a bit.
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I've been having the same experience. While viewing styleforum using Firefox I'm suddenly redirected to the fake Firefox download site Initially I thought I had malware on my computer, so I ran two different scanning products (MalwareBytes and Ad-Aware) and neither found anything bad on my laptop.

For the last 5 days I haven't visited styleforum, yet I've been heavily visiting many other sites using Firefox on the same laptop. During this time I have experienced zero redirects to But when I came back to styleforum today, I experienced the redirect to within 30 seconds of being here!

However I highly suspect the cause of this problem is malware on our computers. If you search on the Internet for others experiencing this same redirect problem, most of the reports begun appearing within the last 24 hours. I suspect it is so new that many scanning products don't even know about it yet.
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Yep, same thing happened to me. I'm inclined to say its the site and not our machines. Running a Sophos scan right now.
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Here, likewise. Only happens at SF. Malwarebytes says my system is clean, but that is not definitive. May not be SF if our systems are infected and some standard code used here triggers it, though.


~ H

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