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Sorry guys, I was on a much-needed vacation last week and completely unplugged from the outside world!
Originally Posted by Ilya Ameritskiy View Post

Hi guys, need supply listed light wash jeans with measurements 14.5 for 30 size. I am not sure about these... Any sizing advices?

Because of the washing process, the light fade denim shrank compared to the raw. I wear a 30 in the raw, but a 31 in the light fade...and that's even accounting for the stretch.
Originally Posted by MSchapiro View Post

Wearing a United Stock Dry Goods brushed indigo twill shirt today to keep myself warm in the London cold.

Love that fabric...
Originally Posted by Jvog View Post

Hey, was just wondering if there was somewhere to view a list of stockists? If not, could you point me to any retailers within the Montreal region? Thanks!

Try Three Monkeys, Les Etoffes, Boutique Tozzi, or Magasin General Bruxe.
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Originally Posted by Gavin View Post

Love that fabric...

It does turn me a little blue, but the color is great. Can't wait to see it evolve over time. What I really love about the shirt is actually the slightly structured collar. Most of my button downs are very sloppy, this one stays nicely in place.

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Any info on size 38?

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The largest size in any of our styles is 36.
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Is Context the only store that carries the light wash in the narrow fit?

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Originally Posted by Ecco View Post

Is Context the only store that carries the light wash in the narrow fit?

Context doesn't carry United. Great store otherwise, though.

You can find the light fade in the narrow fit at Cosmic Bobo, Due West, Escalator, Four Horsemen, J2, Revolve, and Sydney's. Sizes may be limited...it's getting a little late into the season, and not many of the light fade were produced. We'll be continuing the style for future seasons, though.
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Ahh I meant Revolve.  Thanks for the info Gavin.

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For my indigo twill,
The sleeves are a little long. Should I have them altered? I worry the fabric will take on a strange contrast if I don't.

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I put these on the back burner. Never liked the way they fit. Posted them for sale and didnt sell so I said "what the hell"
2hr hot soak followed by a hot wash and I think I took 2 inches out of these. Im gonna start wearing them now

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Any new washes coming for Spring? Hoping for a black denim, non overdye.
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We're carrying over our FW13 denims into SS14. The light fade sold really well for us, so we're reproducing that...and the rest will be raw (indigo, black, navy, and grey) and the rinsed indigo. We're looking at some new denim introductions for FW14.
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There a size chart for the chinos anywhere? Is there any stretch in the material used?
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I got a couple pairs of 36 from the '12 line on the weekend.


They are about an inch or two too big in the waist, but fit well in the butt and thighs - 34 would not have fit me in the butt and thighs.


Price was so good I just figured I'd buy them and 'figure it out'.


and recommendations on how I can get a bit of a better fit? 


first pairs of raw denim.



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How did it work out?


Have they expanded much since the shrink?


How much did they shrink in the waist?



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Hey @Gavin, is the 14oz indigo/indigo selvedge that Blue Owl carries the same as the navy selvedge that's available elsewhere?


On an unrelated note, just noticed this M-65 at Sydney's. :inlove:


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