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I don't even have one navy suit, but I do have 2 navy blazers.
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I only have one suit (BB Fitz navy...which actually looks black in most light...) but agree with the sentiment that navy is the staple color for the first suit. Navy > charcoal icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif. I do have 3 navy blazers though.
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Navy 2B herringbone - Canali - my go to suit.
Navy 2B Pinstripe - Canali - my workhorse suit.
Navy 2B Pinstripe Flannel - Oxxford - On the way out.
Navy 3/2B subtle nailhead - RLPL. Just got this and loving it.
Just lighter than Navy 3/2B with a slight pattern to the weave - Atttolini. Just got this too.

I want to cut down the number of Navy suits I have, but can't figure out which I can cut. Sill I'm seriously thinking about a true solid navy Oxxford A-type worsted in a 150s.
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Originally Posted by Elegantly Wasted View Post

How does it all apply to CEOs?

Those that would bother with an image consultant are probably the ones doing motivational tours. It matters for them, since they're speaking in front of audiences mostly used to business casual. The advice as to what to wear and how to calculate the image would probably vary much more widely, though. If you wanted to project commanding and intimidating, you go for a dark gray chalkstripe, possibly DB, meticulously tailored. Pocket square and white shirt, french cuffs. Formal and obviously expensive.

The kind of thing worn by Herman Cain, for that matter. Who was a CEO doing motivational tours.
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Originally Posted by cptjeff View Post

Those that would bother with an image consultant are probably the ones doing motivational tours.

Then you are thinking of a very small subset of their population. I see CEOs more concerned with stock price, productivity, sales, downsizing angry.gif, etc. than with motivational tours.
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Another person with not a single navy suit to my name. I have one in midnight blue, but that's a whole different thing...

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I have two, both SB 3 buttons with roll-through lapels, one in fresco for the summer, one in a heavy cotton (kinda like corduroy) for autumn/winter. I also have two navy sports coats/blazers, again one for summer and one for winter.
Originally Posted by cptjeff View Post

The suits will ... be off enough that those same rural farmers aren't turned off by how precise the tailoring is. Shoes are slightly scuffed, but not too much, for the same reason.
It's calculated, and aesthetics are quite secondary.
Originally Posted by Geezer View Post

I mildly disagree. The ill-fitting suits are rarely deliberate and often the sign of a pol who won't fully take advice or is not being advised. The ideal (see any photo of world leaders at the G8/G20/NATO summits) is a suit - usually bespoke - that fits conservatively well but is styled (SB 2 button, plain colour, worn with white shirt and boring tie) blandly, so the farmers don't actively notice it. At least in Europe.

Oh to live in a country where politicians give a damn what farmers think.
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Navy SB Peak - Just bought it. Dark navy, almost black in dim lights, and navy under certain light conditions. ?Midnight blue. It was sold as navy.
Navy SB 3-roll-2 Notched Herringbone
Navy SB Mohair Sports Jacket
(Midnight Blue Tux Shawl)..............

No more navy suits for me but would like a gunmetal blue suit though.
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I have 8 different navy suits from solid to chalk stripes ...

I love navy and all tones starting from it to dark navy..
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I have six all SB

1 plain 3 button
1 pinstripe 3 button
1 chalkstripe 2 button
1 very slim fit 2 button
1 plain 2 button
1 beater pinstripe 2 button
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1 Navy suit and two navy blazers.
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Originally Posted by Gdot View Post

Navy Blue always works - always. And it works with such a wide range of tie/shirt/square combos. I used to prefer gray or even olive or brown when I was younger - I thought Navy to just be meh. I've changed my mind.
I have but three
Canali - 2 button in a 140s weight worsted- VERY dark - Looks black in many lighting situations
Corneliani - 2 button (very recent cut - open quarters, etc.) - Medium navy with dark navy undertones ( more or less a sharkskin but more subtle)
Canali - 3 button - fairly heavy worsted - Navy (not much in style at this point - but I rarely need heavy weight suits so I just deal with it)
This is an amazing selection. Where do you purchase most of your suits in Atlanta, Saks? Also, are you paying full price for those suits?

BTW thanks for all the replies. This thread has turned out nicely.
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I have four:

Dark Navy worsted, lighter true navy in plain weave, a chalk and a pinstripe, I prefer stripes wider apart, about 3/4 apart on average. Very versatile, black shoes for formal situations, brown shoes to show a bit of self expression. Lose the tie, instant cocktail attire. My true navy has horn buttons, doubles as a blazer/SC in a pinch. Haven't owned an actual navy blazer in years.
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Solids - two. Worsted wool and Linen. Stripes - two Pin (worsted) and Chalk (flannel)
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one single breasted one double breasted
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