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Personally, I think earrings on men are tasteless. That said, I am somewhat conservative in my tastes, and who is to say that I'm right? Could be that I'm just old and stodgy. If you decide to wear earrings, I wouldn't wear them to work, unless you are a musician, athlete, hair stylist, or in some other profession which is outside the mainstream of the business world.
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I concur with Steve B. Earrings on a man is a personal statement of individuality. Since it is a personal statement, one should not wear an earring in any professional or corporate setting. In a professional environment, you are required to portray and uphold the image of your affiliated company and earrings do not speak to this image. Just as every professional sport, the governing organization determines an appropriate attire for its players to wear during games. Business has determined an attire appropriate to conduct business. I personally have both ears pierced and have a few tattoos. In my professional dealings, I have never had anyone examine my anatomy to conclude if my ears are pierced or if I have tattoos. Futhermore, I don't think a simply hole in one's ear would overshadow any individual's value and the analytical brilliance they bring to their corporation. If you decide to get your ears pierced, take ken's advice. Find a place experienced in ear piercing to ensure the process is sterile and done correctly.
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Michael, YOU are the one on a public bulletin board asking freely for the confirming opinions of others. You got mine. My point is, don't care so much about what other people think, some bulletin board loser like me or your girl friends. Just do what you want to do; be yourself. Why conform to the thinking of others? If earrings or tattoos express the real you, then by all means, get 'em.
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Re tattoos- I got them quite a while ago, so I'd like to at least think I help start the trend...
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steve: yeah, just go on thinking that. to add to what i said earlier; earrings on men really annoy me. it's not the earrings themselves but the sense that a guy just isn't being himself when he wears them. it's just trying too hard in my book. we live in a society that requires us to wear clothes, so we do, and as long as we have to it seems natural that one would want good looking, well-made clothes. but we do not have to adorn ourselves with trinkets; chains, bracelets, earrings, et al... these things are a waste of money and energy that could be put to much better use. everyone wants to be sexy/different/attractive, but it's better to be this with your personality. michael, if you want earrings, get them. i think you'll look ridiculous but what matters is what you think. as for tattoos, i've seen some that look really cool, but they never look as good as the skin they cover.
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MP: Got them in '95 and '96- so I WILL go on thinking that.. And you haven't seen the hair-er- skin on my back...
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I am a traditionalist.I do not wear earrings. I do not object to them but for God's sake get BOTH ears done not just one.
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I have a couple earrings. One in the cartilage and one at the bottom of my left ear. I wear a simple silver hoop in each hole. But, I think this is fine, as I'm only a boy of sixteen. I'll probably change my outlook in due time if I get into a business profession. Or anything that requires a traditional look. I do like them right now though. I think a lot of it is in your personal style and most importantly, the way you do your hair. I have a longer, messier look, and I think the earrings suit it well. Just my opinion of course.
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I notice that most people on this forum don't appreciate earrings on men, but in my opinion earrings have been in fashion for men at least since the 80's and I don't see that changing any time soon. Personally I'm not into diamonds but simple silver hoops and studs can look very cool whether you choose to go for one ear or both or in multiples as in my case.

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My cousin got his ear pierced and the first thing my aunt said to him was "What are you? A pirate?"
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I have a pierced ear. I had it done on my teenage years. After I turned 20 I never worn any earrings and will never do. And after 10 years you can’t really tell I have a pierced ear….unless you really look for it. But if I had a chance I would go back and not do it. On the same token I don’t really regret it either. It was some what cool when I was a teenager.
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I pierced my ear in middle school, wore it for about 3 days then let it close. This may have had something to do with my mom being pissed about my experiment.
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