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Official Yuketen Trading Post - trade your Yuks here

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Official Yuketen Trading Post

Use this thread to trade mis-sized Yuketen footwear with other members.

This trading thread is dedicated to members who mis-sized their Yuks or otherwise want to swap a pair that isn't working for them. The denim trading threads that began a year ago were successful for a lot of members. I made a couple of very successful trades and I know others have as well. Don't know why such a thread wouldn't work for Yuketen, especially since many who sell their Yuks are just going to put their money back toward a different Yuk model or size. A good trade saves a bundle of $$$ for both parties.

I’ve essentially plagiarized, with permission, YSB’s wording for the denim trading threads, because he hits most of the relevant points and I’m too lazy to produce original copy.

Post the details of what you have, including model and size (don’t forget to state the width), and what you would be willing to entertain in terms of a trade. It’s helpful to state condition as well; this works as a starting point that can be built on later through emailed pics and whatnot. Most of my successful trades have been straight up x for y, with both items being in similar condition. I’ve also had several successful trades involving unequal items (x is in better condition than y, or is a more expensive model) with one party balancing out the trade with a mutually agreed upon cash amount. Know your merch, be honest, communicate, and use your imagination.

Please don't post "want-to-buy" in this thread unless you also have Yuketen footwear that you’re offering for trade. There are other places in the forum for straight up “want to buy” notices just as there are for standard “want to sell” ones. This is a Yuketen footwear TRADING thread!
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What I have:

Yuketen Angler Moc in Scotch Grain
crepe wedge sole
worn approx. 8-10 times, excellent condition
original box and Yuk shoes bags included

What I want:

Yuk angler moc or country ranger
size 10E
leather: will consider any non-suede leather but partial to brown
sole: will consider vibram or crepe soles (any sole really except camp soles)
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What I have: Size 12E brown suede angler mocs in good condition from inventory.

What I want: Size 11 or 11.5 of the same shoe regardless of leather (or) a ranger moc size 12 (or) maine guide shoe in any leather size 11 or 11.5.
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What I have Yuketen Maine Guide Chukka Boot Loden Green 10.5D
Only worn a few times

What I want:

Same thing...or similar in a 10D

BTW, awesome shoes!!
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Have this in 11D, a bit too long for me if I don't wear socks. New in box, just arrived today although they definitely have been tried on as the sole is not fully white:,default,pd.html

Just want cost back if anybody wants it.
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I have Yuketen Tan Maine Guide Oxford in 10E (Brand New in Box)

... I'd like the same in 9.5E.

Got some good stuff in here!
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