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Caring for AE McTavish

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OK - I know how to take care of shoes...but am a little stumped with shoes such as the Allen Edmonds McTavish (pictured below) because of the contrasting stitching. 


I wouldn't want to put cream on them as I feel the cream would dye the stitching - same as polish.  I would also be nervous brushing them for the same reason. 


Anyone have any suggestions?  Anyone have these and take care of them a specific way?


Love the shoes - just want to take care of them and preserve the look.



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Have you thought about calling AE?  I've found their call center to be very helpful.  Also, this is part of the AE "Rough" line, yes?  How are you planning to wear them?  I'm thinking about a pair myself.

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Wipe with a damp rag after a wearing.
Sparingly apply leather conditioner once a month. Let dry 1 hr, brush, then buff with a soft flannel cloth.
When actual polish is needed, apply sparingly with finger and with great care.
Let dry 1 hr. Brish, then buff.
Use a dedicated brush for these. You should have several horsehair brushes in your arsenal, each dedicated to one colour.
Don't worry about the contrast stitching, it will be fine as long as you don't slather the polish on.
Congratulations on your purchase and welcome to Styleforum.
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Does anyone wear the Black Mctavish without jeans? Maybe a suit?

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I have a pair and love them.  The I use the AE conditioner/cleaner (very lightly) then the AE saddle soap.  Does the trick.  They do not shine, but then again they're not supposed to.  I've worn them with a suit on Fridays or other less formal days.  It's a fine look, IMHO.

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I have the tan McTavish and use only the AE cleaner/conditioner and AE leather lotion on them. Keeps them looking fine for me.

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How about McTavish in dark brown cognac? Would you guys recommend to use leather lotion over saddle soap? Some posts on AE recommended to use leather lotion and some says to use cleaner/conditioner, but never recommend to apply saddle soap on the dark brown. I sometimes found their answers to be very confusing. 

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I wipe mine down with a damp cloth. Don't want to risk ruining the finish

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