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I messed up my HDMI port - now what?

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I bought a massively long HDMI cable to make the long run under the floor between my Sony soundbar's subwoofer and my television. I'm set up this way because the sub has the capability to switch between various HDMI inputs and provides a single HDMI output so I can run just a single cable to the TV. It's a liveable budget setup.

The problem is the massive, snake-like cable is so stiff that I think it dinged up the HDMI out port on the sub. Here is a photo:



I'm not sure how visible it is, but on the right hand side the plastic piece that runs between the two sets of connector pins seems to have snapped off, and 2 or 3 pins are a little bit misaligned now. I didn't take a whole lot of time to troubleshoot different "angles of attack" for the HDMI cable, but I also didn't want to risk further damage. Since then, I have bought some "port savers" (essentially more flexible ends for the thck HDMI cable) but I'm not sure anything's going to work unless I can get these pins connecting securely.

The alternative is to go buy a remote-controllable HDMI switch with audio out and a long-ass toslink cable, but obviouly I'd prefer getting this running the way it should.

Any advice from the pros on here?
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I'd take a crack at trying to fix the port before buying anything else. You have a warranty on the thing?
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Judging from the overwhelming response to this thread, I'm sure you're all on tenterhooks to know how this resolved.

I bought some "port savers" which are essentially just thinner extension runs of HDMI and it seemed to go straight in enough to get the signal. I put one 8-inch port saver on the subwoofer connection and a swivel bend adapter on the TV side (essentially an L-bend so the thick HDMI cable comes straight down off the back of the TV instead of straight out toward the wall) and I have a picture, so all is well. Monoprice FTW. Great products, great price. The products in question:
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