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Originally Posted by DavidML View Post

...will help distinguish me from the rest of the gang (although of course my wearing a vest will help, too). ...

Sadly, in my experience even the most perfectly matched suit and tie will provide insufficient camoflage for the groom. Try as I might to completely blend in, my bride, the officiant and all of the guests still managed to figure out who I was.
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Hercule Poirot? I bet they have.


And no, it's not a uniform. They are wearing different suits.

Originally Posted by Orsini View Post

Those people at the wedding never heard of this fictional character.
Don't put your wedding party in a uniform. It looks stuoid.


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Sadly, I did not think to go in this direction for the engagement ring:

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My wedding is coming up in October of this year, and while I have the 3 piece suit down, I presently planned to wear a T&A royal oxford white FC shirt, with a silver small box Drakes tie I got from Mr. Porter.  Groomsmen will be wearing either solid navy or solid charcoal lounge suits, with TML ties, gifted. 


After reading this thread, I am now considering wearing perhaps a small patterned or silver hand-tied bow tie as the groom. And I would keep the groomsmen in the long ties. My suit is a very dark, faint herringbone charcoal, Samuelsohn Gable.  It has peak lapels, with a DB peak lapel waistcoat, and double fwd pleated pants with D-ring side adjusters.  Thoughts? 

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I like the idea of your three-piece charcoal suit matched with silver bow tie.


Nice touch on the trouser tabs, too.  smile.gif

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Bow ties smack of costume - and why do you want to "distinguish yourself". Most people will recognise the groom (or else they are at the wrong wedding) and putting them in fancy dress does nothing for their esteem and tells us much about you.
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In a similar situation as the OP here. I am a groomsman in an upcoming wedding: charcoal suits(non-matching), white shirts, black belts, black shoes.. The bride wants bow ties of differing but similar patterns for the men. I'm wondering what is an appropriate material for the bow ties? Also I'm planning on going spread collar for the shirt...any other recommendations would be appreciated.
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