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RJ, I remember hearing that the founder of Seraphin is a Russian fellow, so if that is correct it might explain why their only store is in Moscow.
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How much do Seraphin leather jackets usually run? Wish I could find this Seraphin jacket below discounted *drool*
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you can find them but you have to look....I bought an outrageous one at a men's store in south coast plaza back in 1998; it's a 3/4 length in ultra lightweight black leather, simple car coat design--but get this--reversible into a black linen coat if you want a more toned down look.
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Seraphin costs half what Hermes charges once they sew in their lining and brand.

Spring pieces obviously cost less than winter pieces/shearlings.

That coat is probably US$2200-2500.

Advice: leather as fine and expensive as Seraphin uses is also delicate. Consider how you will use it before you pull the trigger.
post #20 of 22 Here are the leather jackets Seraphin will be making for Hermes this coming winter. Needless to say all of them will cost $5000 or more. As for the Croc jacket, Hermes have them every year (one in each size) and they start at 50K.
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Well, I was in Montreal and walked into Vogue par l'Equipe Uomo as promised. Unfortunately I was met with an ugly case of vanity. The first man I talked to seemed nice initially, but soon afterwards seemed too preoccupied with hanging up new stock to answer my questions. A couple of times he practically pushed me out of the way to get at a display. Sorry, but I wasn't going to stick around there and try and pry some information out of them. I'd say I would go back to that store when I'm a bit older and am willing to make blind, uninformed purchases, but I'd be lying. For reference, their 3/4 length shearlings were about $5400CDN.
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Thanks to everyone for the answers, opinions, and expeditions. I suppose that this summer on the way to Cargese I will invest some of my own (shoe) leather on the Parisian pavement to try and learn more!

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