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Fabric question

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I need to get a shirt made up to wear with my black suit for a night time event. The suit is a sleek, one button, with smooth wool fabric that has a bit of a shine to it. The options for fabric on Jantzen are; Plain Cotton, Cotton Twill, French Oxford, Oxford, and Pinpoint Oxford. I'm wondering which is best suited for a more formal appearance and which is most casual.
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Personally, I'd go with the white 140s Sea Island cotton, which is in the 'plain cotton' section. Then, to arrange in descending order of dressiness - at least for me - cotton twill, pinpoint oxford, French oxford, regular oxford.
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Agree.  Oxford cloth is relatively casual.  See if they have white herringbone in a medium weight.  That would go well, and be pretty dressy.
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Thanks guys, I already have a Jantzen shirt in the 140's Sea Island cotton. I was just seeing if there were any other options. Has anyone ordered a twill shirt from Jantzen before? How do you like it?
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Can anyone compare the sea island to Tyrwhitt or Pinks?
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If either maker used Sea Island cotton, they would say so. It is one of the (if not the) finest, longest-fiber types of cotton along with Egyptian, pima, supima, etc. I don't remember the hierarchy but it is way up there.
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Sorry, I was unclear. I really should read what I write before posting... Can anyone compare Jantzen's sea island fabrics to Tyrwhitt or Pink's sea island fabrics? Tyrwhitt, for example, has produced their sea island in mostly twills before this season. This differs from Jantzen, and I am unsure if it is the twill or sea island adds substantially to the luxuriousness of the shirt. Thread count is of course important, but not the sole determinant of quality. Carlo Franco shirt fabric beats Tyrwhitt sea island hands down, but Chuck uses Egyptian.
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