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Fuck ya'll's coasts

I grew up with lots of little lakes and now I've got a big'ol lake.
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I've lived in Seattle my whole life and I finally branched away from the west coast for a change for college and it was a very interesting experience. Before I transferred to USC, I was attending a school in PA and I thought the people here weren't too different from the area I used to live in. But I did notice that the people on the east coast are more honest with you about everything and anything - this may come off as rude, but it's refreshing in my opinion. The weather is terrible on the east coast and I hated my life when I was there. As far as people go, I've made some amazing friends there, more so than in Washington. I think it's because the east coast is just more diverse in my opinion, you'll meet a huge range of people, and a lot of them go hardcore with school (ivy leagues). I couldn't see myself working on the east coast after I visited NYC and DC for the first time, so I decided to come to LA for school and job. I really liked Philly, though. It's definitely a city that people love to rag on for no reason other than its "crime." But honestly, you will meet d*ckheads everywhere. I know a ton of aholes back in the Wash who think they are some hipster kid wearing their plaid and beanie, but I know some pretty douchy people from NJ who think they are god's gift or something. Rude people are everywhere. Overall, I liked my experience on the east coast and I would visit there if I get the chance to. I just have different ambitions and my interests lie in the LA area. If I were to move back to the east coast, though, I would totally go to PA, MA, or CT. I cannot stand NY to be frank.

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I love the northeast. I don't think I could ever live further south than where I am. D.C. doesn't interest me in the least. Seattle could be fun, or portland. There is something enigmatic to me about the northwest. Too much sun and heat drives me nuts.
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