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Anyone Cut Their Own Hair?

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For those of you on SF who cut their own hair, do you have any tips on how this could be done? Any videos/guides you found helpful when starting?

I usually just need a centimeter cut off on the top, sides, and the back; so I push it another month until I feel that I'm really getting a "haircut" not just a quick 5 minute trim and throwing $35 out of my wallet..

With that said, are there any tips on cutting your own hair one can give?
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If you would cut your own hair, why not go to a place that charges less than 35 dollars?
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I could... but I feel like I'd like to learn this as a life skill biggrin.gif
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i cannot comprehend why anyone would spend more than $20 on a haircut.

Anyway when i cut my own hair i'm usually just shooting in the dark like a mad man. My golden rule though is to never touch the top.
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I cut my own. But then again its a all over number 1 so fairly easy to do.


I do give my dad a short back and side. 3 on the side, 5 on top.


As long as you keep the cuts straight and clean, you'll be ok.


Post an image of what style your after?

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I'm currently sporting the Don Draper hairstyle from Mad Men. It's slicked back with the sides cut short and a part. I don't think it's too hard to trim every 2-3 weeks but I don't have the balls to do it.
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I cut my own hair but I just buzz it. Looks good on me.

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Originally Posted by Latimer View Post

I cut my own hair but I just buzz it. Looks good on me.

+1. me too, i use #3 (3/8 length) and buzz it, pretty easy, 20 mins max, free plus I keep it fresh every 2 weeks smile.gif
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I just got a very nice Wahl clipper set from Costco for $20. It works great and has a long cord.
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I just cut mine tonight! I ended up taking too much off the top, and too much off the sides, though. I should have gone up a longer size for both. The thing is, if you're thinking of going relatively short, it's not too hard. You just need to start with a longer setting, than work your way down. But I think a Don Draper hairstyle would be too difficult to cut on your own.
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i cut my own hair as well as my son's. my mother is a hair-dresser and i grew up getting a lot of haircuts i didn't like, so i started doing my own in high school. here are my tips:


1. grab your balls and commit. whether using clippers or scissors, it's going to take time and patience. 

2. mirrors and lighting. if you're fortunate enough to have one of those bathroom layouts with the mirrored medicine cabinet caddy-corner to your main mirror, you're ahead of the game. otherwise, pickup a cheap handheld barber-style mirror. if you have someone willing to hold it for you throughout the process, use them. treat them kindly. bring in a bright desk/floor lamp if you need more light. 

3. check your progress intermittently. check all angles with your mirror. sit on the countertop closer to the mirror, move your lamp around to catch different angles, remind yourself repeatedly of your giant pendulous balls. play some ghostface. find what works for you. 


most cuts are very easy. like anything else you do yourself, whether grinding and brewing your coffee at home or pressing your own clothes, it's very satisfying when you're successful. if you screw up it will grow back and most people will never notice. i sometimes go back over it again a few days later and catch something to correct. 


if this sound too much then don't try. 


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I cut my own hair every two weeks.

I got tired of throwing $16/cut out the window for something that was so easy...

After years of watching my hair get cut I finally got a wahl from amazon and went for it. I like it a little longer on top so I bought a #10 from amazon as well.

I use a 5 on the sides blend with a 7 and a 10 on top. Easy! The wahl came with a guide and they have a youtube account with tons of videos. It's really not that bad. I have my girlfriend trim the back of my neck and I'm good to go.

Worse part is the hair everywhere, some people do it in the shower and rise it all down after.

After a few times you will be able to do it with no mirror just feeling where the clipper is.

I paid something like $35 for the set and it's great, I figured any more than 2 times of cutting my own hair and it pays for itself... so why not.
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I started cutting my hair 10 years ago. Get a large hand mirror, the bigger the better. Get a decent pair of clippers. Check Sally's Beauty Supply - they're everywhere.
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I've been cutting my hair for about a year now. The only advice I can give to beginners that has not been mentioned already is to be patient your the first few attempts. The results of the cuts you make aren't as pronounced until you wash your hair/begin styling it, at least with longer hair.
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I cut my son's -- guard 2 all over
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