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Projects Anyone?

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I like making/altering things myself. I can't imagine I'm the only person on here who does, so I thought I'd start a thread where members can post projects.


Personally, I'm getting started on a waistcoat I'm building from the ground up rather than ruining a perfectly good one by altering it. 

I'm starting by weaving the broadcloth. Its going to be a 3/1 brown over natural wool twill, a bit on the rustic side at 25tpi, but thats the best I can do with my current equipmentt. The lining is going to be unbleached linen, a bit heavy and double lined for warmth, and there will be two waist pockets with reddish suede trim. I'm thinking some obnoxious red buttons inspired by that insane Italian tweed coat in the non-sartorialist thread.


Thus far I've only started measuring out the warp, but when I get to something interesting there will be pictures.


So what are other people working on? I for one would love to know!



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So some progress has been made.


Here's me measuring out the warp using my patented ultra high-tech "knocking some chairs over" technique.




And here is the fiancee's cat thinking he's photogenic with the warp thread




Here's the warp strung on the loom




and here's a peek at the pattern when I started weaving




Thus far I have about three of the twelve feet woven in the same 3/1 twill pattern but there have been a few issues with warp threads snapping under tension. I suspect this project might not be usable, in which case I'll rewarp with a stronger yarn and reweave the whole project, in which case I'll hem the edges on this, fold it over so only the working face shows and make a gift of two ugly-@$$ brown scarves to someone.


In either case I'm making a dang waistcoat from scratch. 


Also, in the course of starting the patterns in linen, I realized exacto knives don't cut fabric worth a flip, so here's the replacement I knocked out monday night.





Bigger knife.

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