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Exchange in the US.

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I've decided to apply for exchange for second semester this year. FWIW Im doing an Education degree. These are the uni's i have to choose from:

Boise State.
Kansas State.
Northern Colorado.
North Carolina (Wilmington).
North Carolina (basically all except chapel hill).

Im essentially looking for information regarding any of them/the towns they're situated in/random facts/personal experiences. I have done my own research but i figure this can't hurt. Thanks, pm me if you want as well.
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Don't know much about the schools that you have selected there, but I will say this as a fellow Australian - and also from one of the shitty cities, although probably not Canberra-grade of shitty! - doing a US exchange when I was 18 was the best thing I have ever done, and if I had not done that 17 years ago, I wouldn't be where I am now. I'd probably be still in Adelaide with ever contracting prospects and an ever expanding wife.

But don't just do a semester there kiddo, stick the year out. I did a year, loved it, and applied again for the second year, came home only when the friendly people of INS said 'go home son'.

I'm assuming you will do something similar to what I did where you continue to pay HECS and get some kind of home-university scholarship for pocket money while you are there. Is that about right?

In this case...go to the most expensive, most highly regarded school in the coolest fucking city you can muster. Why go to Idaho when you can go to Harvard? As for me, I went to UCLA, and once I got over the insanely manic bout of instant homesickness, had the greatest experience of my life.

Good luck mate. Once your horizons broaden, they never re-narrow.
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We'll those are the schools my uni offers for exchange, i think the experiance will be largely what i make of it. I would love to go to a really nice ucla/private school but my uni is fairly shitty and thus it's exchange options aren't great. Regardless thanks for the words, im definately very keen.
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push them a bit, never know what you will be able to get out of them....
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I actually enjoy Boise, Idaho. The people in Idaho are very nice, and the city and surrounding areas are beautiful, if a bit on the slow and small side (but then I've spent most of my adult life in Chicago, Philly, and Washington, DC so my standards may be somewhat biased). Boise is not extremely far from Seattle/Vancouver or San Francisco--about 450miles to each area--so it wouldn't be difficult to go visit those cities on a quick weekend if you wanted. Out of the places you've listed, having to choose one, it'd probably be Boise State.
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a.) I'd first try to push them by asking about other options. Ask about options that were in the past, but not presently.

b.) See if there's any route you can apply for creating a new exchange with another university. Try to make your own path.

c.) If that doesn't work see if you can get pooled in with an exchange for another Aus university's exchange somehow and check those options out.

d.) Of the choices if you're sure those are all your options, I'd look at either Boise St. or NC State out of that list first.

Boise St. I may be biased b/c I really enjoy my trips out the West and outdoors related activities that one can do in day/weekend trips. As mentioned above, trips to big cities are still within reach. I don't know too much about the school itself, but then you can get plenty of opinions from a google search (reviews).

Check out if campus life isn't largely commuter based there, and if a significant portion of students live or stay near campus. I suspect it's not, but having a strong community of students within campus really helps makes college life/experience more enriching IMO. Downside potentially, it's still Idaho, and doesn't have so much of the societal cache as most other states as far as big city experience popularity ect.

Also, it's a shame UNC Chapel Hill was excluded, really a great place. So my suggestion would be to also looks at NC State in Raleigh, that could turn out to be a good experience given your few choices. NC State is probably the next best choice of North Carolina's public institutions. Worth looking into.
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I agreed with matt.

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there are literally thousands of schools you can exchange with in the US, not just the ones your school has a specific relationship with. look at outside programs that will do tuition swaps - ie: you pay your Australian tuition, yet get to attend a US school. do some googling and talk to the people in your school's study abroad office.

IIRC (It's been some time that I looked into this), is a really big service that can set up these types of swaps

ISEP is another one
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