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Thought I'd share some pics of the results of my 2nd wash (not because they turned out great, just out of interest). I must admit I'm pretty disappointed in the contrast fading and results! I was expecting greater honeycombing and fading on the front. Maybe I needed to keep them going for longer? Any tips for a greater contrast fade? Other than wearing for longer? You can see the beginnings of honeycombing and some crease fades at the front as well as general thigh and knee fading. Better than before but maybe I was expecting too much? Is this normal to you guys?


I soaked them in the bath in warm water with woolite dark (not inside out). Let then sit submerged for 45 min, and agitated them a few times during this process. Rinsed in cold water and hung them to dry. I was bored so I put them on when still damp for 15 mins to stretch them back to the correct size, mainly around the waist (they shrank a decent amount).