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Originally Posted by sipang View Post

Two more for the road

Really late on the ball, but I've never really loved womenswear 'til now with Dries FW 12 and Lemaire FW 12. So so amazing.

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I'm surprised you haven't posted Undercover Sipang.
Felt the collection was really strong! The shoes...
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The men's or women's?  Thought the men's was terrible.

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I think it was posted in the Obscure Japanese Trends thread a little while back

and I thought men's was great and there is nothing you can do to change my mind
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I've been meaning to post UC women, there's still a couple of shows I need to post actually

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womens is great, mens is shit.
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I liked the women's before but I don't think the men's is so bad now that I see what he was going for, though I still wouldn't want to wear any of it for sure.

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Looking at the men collection in full I don't dislike it as much as before, I like the colors and some of the outerwear , but yeah the women's collection is so much better it's not even funny.

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Bit of a thread revival (possibly / hopefully) before the next season begins.

Select images from Petar Petrov Fall-Winter 2012:

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those burnt orange pants I will find hard to resist. and the jumper.
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It doesn't really stand out much, does it?  Nice in a way though, very '70s.

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It isn't necessarily meant to shout / stand out that much though. While it may not be ground-breaking, what Petar Petrov does really well is combine somewhat unexpected (yet well thought out) colors and textures with his brand of modern, slim, yet at the same time leisurely tailoring. The silhouettes he creates have always been suited to this idea of relaxed luxury and he seems to be exploring this more. The color palette certainly has a 70's feel with the cream, burnt orange, and olive. Personally, the different shades of olive green he uses are something that I would not have previously considered, but really like now.
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