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Suit jacket length

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I am interested in this Canali and was wondering if anyone had any experience buying from this particular eBay seller.  More generally, 33" from top of collar to bottom of jacket sounds awfully long for a regular length suit jacket (the suit jackets in my closet range from 31.5" to 32.5"), but that seems to be the general trend these days.  What do you all think of this trend?
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A measurement of 33" from top of collar to bottom hem is definitely long for a 40R.  I usually take a 42L, or even a 43 or 44L in Italian labels, such as Attolini, and my jacket lenghs are typically between 33" and 34". Don't hesitate to contact the seller for confirmation.  I've done so with jackets and have had the seller confirm that either his measurements or listed information were in error.
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That is longer than my (size 44) canali jackets Looks like a size 40L to me.
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to answer your question about the trend; i don't like it. i wear a 40r also, and i think 30.5" is long enough. it depends on your exact height though.
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33" overall is consistent with they way they are cutting regulars these days. But I still don't like it. That's my personal opinion though. You are going to have to make the call depending on how your current jackets fit. As for the seller, they often annoy me by misrepresenting no-name Italian brands as retailing for far more than they actually are worth (check their auctions and you will see what I mean. I'm sorry, but Enrico Coveri suits don't retail for anywhere near $1750, or even $750.) But this suit is an authentic Canali so I wouldn't worry about it. They don't have any negatives so you know the suit will show up.
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