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***What's on your pick-up list***

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For spring, I still need

a couple more jeans including new black apc twills
few pairs of pants and cords
Some boots, cdiem perhaps
Nn blazer, waiting for rice to hook me up
Last acne hoodie slipped through
Some langesque lace-ups

What's on your list?
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I was thinking about getting a pair of Ande Whalls unless something of a bit lower price point but similar quality comes up (so if I can get some other brand on sale/clearance). I got a couple new pair of shoes for christmas but still want another pair of leather shoes (long ones like my favorite ones and perhaps some more normal looking ones) Decent pair of boots perhaps. I was also thinking about getting a nice leather messenger for my next trip and Finally the perfect light weight summer weather blazer/sportcoat that buttons slightly high and is mostly comfortable to wear in hot and humid weather. I will probably skip the majority of the items on the list due to lack of funds and want to buy 1.)plane ticket to Japan, 2.) loose Diamond and perfect setting.
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Some gray pants and maybe a new bag.
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fuck-me boots are at the top of the list [thats black leather heelled variety] but that's going to have to wait till the sales, going into autumn i doubt the prices will be worth it. also some a jacket with a brighter colour than the usual black.
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Originally Posted by fatty
fuck-me boots are at the top of the list [thats black leather heelled variety] but that's going to have to wait till the sales, going into autumn i doubt the prices will be worth it. also some a jacket with a brighter colour than the usual black.
Are you a bird? I digress. I want some quality v-neck shirts and sweaters. Some new jeans and some nice dress shirts. Anyone who could recommend some retailers for the above muchos appreciated. I am in Melbourne by the way.
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yeah she is a girl, not that you have to be a girl to wear FMe boots but it would be awfully fruity if a guy did

BTW I do believe that you will have to take pictures of the aforementioned boots and post them in the Women in Hot Boots Thread.
Also Im sure you could get a good deal on some if you ordered them from the northern Hemisphere where its getting to be Spring/Summer Fashion.
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apc cardigan and tees from s/s 07 burberry slim-fit polo fendi double-breasted coat RLPL tweed double-breasted coat gucci blazer from s/s 07 dior 19cm(crosses fingers) spruce slim-fit hoody slim pants jordan 5 lasers and spitzikes number (n)ine boots fall/winter 06
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Okay, dudes. Just because there may be a girl on the forum shouldn't up the creepiness factor, K? Not that it's really up yet, but I've seen that happen in the past. Highly uncool.

As for me, I am, in the very near future, going to pick up the Wings & Horns shooter jacket that Brian (Peasant) has for me. I'm always adding to the sneaker collection, so I'll probably add a few pairs of those as stuff strikes my fancy.

I'll probably pick up a fresh pair RB6s soon too, and a new vneck sweater, for academic job interviews for the job talk sessions. That, and a Thick as Thieves suit from Jason for the same reason. The jobs I'm going out for require that I take one step up on the formality scale (i.e. no hoodies, jeans, and Chucks,) but not much beyond that. A slim suit for day one (when I meet and greet for the first time) and subdued, mature casualwear for day two (more one-on-one time with interviewers) should do it. Actually, that the TaT suits are not too business-y looking is a good thing in academia. I was thinking even the tweed herringbone. Something too aggressive makes a lot of academics think either "administration" or "corporate guy", neither usually in complimentary terms.
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not a lot of gaps in my wardrobe but....

-Baracuta slimfit G9 from BiGsOhO if they are still carrying them in march
-PBJ XX-005 if they fit me well so I can jump on the SF/SuFu wagon

My NewYear's resolution was to be on a "purchasing sabbatical" until I'm in Europe at end of year where I plan to blow my pent up load and do a buying spree of Peter North proportions

Fok, I'm hoping to have my selection of tweed available within the next couple weeks.
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1. nice sweater vest (solid navy, other colors)...so far its been impossible for me to find a quality, nice fitting one...i want one that has a slimmer fit, esp at the bottom...any suggestions that arent over the top in pricyness?

2. blazer (in a variety of types)....as a 5'8, 150 relatively lean asian kid, ive found it damn near impossible to find a blazer that actually fits...im not tryin to wear something that makes me look shorter and ive found even the 38 S are pretty long on me...do ppl just get em tailored shorter? i heard that might make the blazer look funny..any suggestions?
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Originally Posted by Get Smart
I plan to blow my pent up load and do a buying spree of Peter North proportions

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Hey didn't I start the same thread like a week ago, I even think getsmart answered the same thing. Anyway I'll post mine when I have time, maybe look for suggestions for things I'm not too settled on.
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haha that's right fuuma my bad

I just made this an official thread like the recent purchases one don't hate!
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my pick-up list:
2-3 shirts
2-3 cardigans
Thick as Thieves suit (one-button)
grey jeans (apc? or ndg?)

if i have enough $:
digital SLR camera (nikon d50?)
chelsea boot (rm williams?)
workwear boot (alden?)
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- Cheap pair of premium jeans. I think APC new cures in 30-31 or NS in 29. - I was gonna get a pair of japanese jeans, but i think i'm gonna have to put that back a while. I was leaning towards PBJ005, Samurai S0500 or Flat Head 3001. All of those companies i think are getting hit so i'll wait. - Cardigan. I like the rokara one Rye posted and the APC one from s/s 07. -Black sneaker/casual shoes. Thinking MJ Vans but my girlfriend thinks they look too much like velcro work shoes - Lightweight slim cargo pants with a non-obtrusive cargo like insider trading of sufu or mike lowrey - Nice fitting shorts for the summer weather - A pair of boat shoes. Not sure of the color - Spruce slim fit grey pinstripe hoodie if i can find it - Nice fitting subtle graphic tshirts. Hard to find though. I've just started overhauling my wardrobe the past 2 months so i have a lot of work to do. Without much funding, it'll take me a year or two till i can slowly build up my basics and big pieces. Also, florida weather doesn't have a lot of wiggle room. It's unbelievably humid and hot for 2/3 of the year. Slightly chilly for a month or two, and nice for about a month or two. I like the apc s/s07 collection but sweaters in spring in florida don't work. Layering at all is a really tough thing to do. It's not as easy to stay fashionable with just jeans/shorts and 1 shirt. Well, not easy to do with my current pieces. Oh well, here's to money blown in 2007
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