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Difference in styles?

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Is there a major difference in styles? between like Brooks Brother and Tommy Hilfiger? I'm not referrig to jeans, but Tommy's Dress line.
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UVA, WOOHOO. Sorry, couldnt resist. Anyways, Tommy's dressier line is more or less for the semi-formal affairs, and can even look really good at more classy affairs, with a lot of other younger people around, like 20-25, but for your in-law's black tie affair events, you need to get something a little less fresh and fall in line with brooks brothers, just something mature and classic.
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Are you from Tally???
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I was I graduated in 00', I reside in South Fla now
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I've considered Tommy Hilfiger and Ralph Lauren's Polo line as a more casual, all be them, expensive, lines. You know? Right around with Nautica and such. If you want dressy, go with Purple Lable, Donna Karen, or one of those flashy euorpean labels 1234 1234 C-L-E-M-S-O-N T-I-G-E-RRR-S, FIGHT TIGERS, FIGHT TIGERS, FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT.
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Tommy Hilfiger's dressier stuff, Brooks Bros, and RL Polo are all in the same WASPy white bred American style. Nautica's dressy stuff is close to all of that too. Brooks Bros. is more conservative than the others, Polo is more outdoorsy, Nautica is more.. nautical? Hilfiger's stuff is right around the middle, pretty versatile actually although I have a thing against him for all the logo crap so I don't buy his stuff. I would get some of his ties, and shirts, but they all have logos on them. Note to designers: REAL DESIGNERS do not embroider LOGOS on TIES. j.
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@ FSUSem1noles: Because of my job I've to stay here for the next three month before I return to Europe. Could you please give me some names and locations of good stores with great fashion?.? Unfortunately, I didn't found would be a BIG help.
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heh j i think exactly the same thing of hilfiger. When i was going to school in toronto there would be a million indian immigrants all wearing stuff with huge TOMMY HILFIGER logos and acting like they were from the bronx. They were like walking billboards, I swear to god... A number of these gangsta' wannabes even tried to talk like black people from the projects, it was hilarious. I was 17-18 around that time and i havent even walked into the hilfiger section in a store since then.
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I must disagree with J's comment "Real designers do not place logos on ties". This is patently untrue, and the logo can be a very pleasing aesthetic image when repeated, and produce beautiful ties. Whether or not you choose to buy the tie is irrelevant to the fact that logo ties are very common. Some examples: Pierre Cardin loves to put his "P" logo at the widest part of the tie at the bottom. Burberry ties often have the word "Burberry" or the horse repeated throughout the tie. Hermes uses its horse logo in most of its gorgeous ties. Gucci places G's liberally. Brooks Brothers places its sheep logo on many of its ties. Even Salvatore Ferragamo places its "omega-buckle" logo in its ties.
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