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For Sale:
Two watches for sale - Movado

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Hello all -

I have decided to do some major purges and these two items are amongst the losers. I would rather just buy a new pair of shoes or something as I wear my go-to watch every day and these just sit around. I am also amiable to trades with unused gift cards being the first priority.

Sorry for the low quality camera did not survive my flight to the USA from Milan.

Please add $7 east of Chicago for shipping, $10 west of Chicago. Insurance is optional.

1. Movado gold watch. $250. This needs a new battery but otherwise is in perfect working order and very good condition. It is preowned but cared for. The box and original warranty card (expired) are included for authenticity.


2. Jules Jurgenson watch (NIB) $50. I got this as a gift in August before I left for Europe but honestly have no need for this, so feel free to take it off my hands.

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