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finding motivation

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how do you find your daily motivation?
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For what?
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to be productive, to do great things
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It's a secret that I learned from a buddy of mine. It's called "DBLB" (pronounced "Dee bulb").


Nut up, homie.
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yea that doesn't motivate me
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Did you ever know about Kipling's poem If?
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To motivate myself, I think of all the slimeballs in the world- possessed of a seemingly preternatural store of energy- who are doing their damnedest to make the world an even more stultifying, spiritually suffocating place, and then convince myself that I am the only hope this wretched world has.
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Routine is the best thing for me. I know that by doing the same thing each day at the same time, actually getting work done is much easier.

Also take frequent breaks. I rarely work for more than 90 minutes at a time. I take a 15 minute walk around the village and have a coffee. That way teh day doesn't stretch out into oblivion with 9 hours until home time.
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