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really??? not the 70% off?

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FInal reductions up to 80% off started today. Looks like the site added a bunch of F/W items that didn't sell.
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Damn missed out on the FW stuff
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Fuck, I have missed it again. There must be some way of finding out about the sale. I have dropped some serious cash on their site in the past and not even an email. Cnuts!

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they actually emailed everyone on their mailing list.
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I have an account with them but no email received. Strange.


Anyway I saved some money not knowing about this so it's not all bad.

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When is the next sale?

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I heard the sale is starting tomorrow and will start at 90 % off !
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Midnight door-buster sale at their warehouse in NJ!

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All these jokes got me wishing I had known somebody who actually went to their warehouse sale, $100 lobbs would have been ace
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Just letting you guys know that the early access sale will be starting Friday at 12 midnight. A close friend I have at Mr Porter has let on that there will be quite the discounts this time around for the early access folks. I know that some Common Projects will be going for around $160, so expect discounts around of that magnitude. 


If you're not on the early access sale list you can send me a PM and I'll hook you up with a link, but only for respected SF members only. I'd rather not post it on the forum as I don't want people to flood the site when the sale goes live. For those of you that are already signed up for the sale, please don't invite too many people. Hopefully we'll all be able to cop some good pieces. Good luck. 

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Originally Posted by juven View Post

Midnight door-buster sale at their warehouse in NJ!

You mean we can go to their warehouse in NJ to shopping?really???

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I was being facetious but it seems from other posts like it has happened.

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Just went through about 10 designers, wow, what a shitty buy.

Lanvin has a pretty good felt bomber
Lemaire had some pants
The leather rider from SLP might be his best jacket but will this be on sale and will sfer KOP even 50% off (still over 2K).
There's a few basics here and there, I wanted a cheap basic tux shirt from Margiela and figured Mr Porter would carry that kind of stuff but there wasn't any I liked, I should have KOPed at last MMM store sale.

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