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When is the Next Mr. Porter Sale?

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Would have shared this in the official sales thread but Mr. P deserves a third thread. I'm simply blown away by the level of service that Mr. P U.S.A provides; high level of packaging, the timeliness of shipment, and responsiveness of the CS. Even the free pocket square was a nice touch.

Just today I received an email from CS informing me that a shoe box from a shoe order was damaged and that they would replace the box with another shoe box. I was a little confused as to why they would take the time to write but its great C.S and attention to detail, something that most large e-tailers lack. Its this kind of service that’s helped Mr. P distinguish itself from the others. Admittedly, ive only purchased a single non-sale (everything else has been 50% or more) but I wouldn’t feel bad dropping full retail just to support this company.

Just hope they can sustain this level of service. Mr. P FTW!
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Egads, what are you doing in Boise?

Mr P must hate me. I've only had one order ship within 24hr. My other 6 or 7 orders took 3-5 days to ship.
They also sent me the wrong sized item once (the mr p hang tag was wrong so it doesn't mater if the order is checked electronically). Also received an item with a ripped garment bag and it wasn't until my last order that I got one of those pocket squares.

Just ranting. I don't actually have much of complaint except for how long they've taken to ship my stuff.
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I've ordered a few items from them and have always appreciated the fast shipping and quick answers from customer service on the occasion when I had a question. Regarding the packaging... I personally find it a bit superfluous and wonder if they could lower their prices a couple dollars and get rid of some of that packaging. All that stuff just ends up in the trash/recycling once I get it anyway. Oh well... maybe that's just me.
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icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif I bought more than 100 items from porter. Have no problem at all. icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gificon_gu_b_slayer[1].gificon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif
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^ hahaha icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif
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Being in Boston, I absolutely love MrP. UPS Ground takes 1 day from their warehouse, to my door. Only time they've taken more than 1-2 days to process an order for me was during the public 50% sale rush. Everything's been impeccably packed, almost to a fault (as others have noted). Pricing for most brands are competitive, sales are insane.

Only thing I'm irked about is the founding member pre-sale. While it is a nice gesture, it gets old for the non-founding members pretty quick.
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They're the tops.
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I have to agree with the high praise. I ordered the J.Crew winslow jacket that was 50% off and it was just a casual jacket mind you (a rain jacket really) but it came in a nice bag (relative to the jacket) that I could keep to hang up other jackets if I wanted. I was really impressed with both the packaging, prices and free shipping. I will certainly be looking to Mr. Porter each and every time they have a sale.

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Mr. Porter is awesome. Some of the best packaging I have ever gotten from an online retailer. I know that if I have any issues (which is inevitable given any retailing experience) I will most likely be treated very well.

Wish I was a founder, I would be buying a lot more stuff D:
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Ask me about any mrporter technical questions. I'll try to answer.
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^ unofficial Mr.Porter employee, expert , slave devil.giffistbump.gif
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^^ Yeah how do you get the lower price if you buy before an item is marked down (and then it sells out)?lol8[1].gif
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Probably the best online store out there. TBS has it beat in the shipping category though ($10 for 2-3 day shipping from Sweden icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif) but that's a minor complaint.

I just wish I were a founding member.
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Get me on the founder's list or you're useless to us.
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lol8[1].gif No way. Call customer service and start to bitching about founding member for a better result. lol8[1].gif
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