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Can this tie be worn with... anything?

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I saw it at... some store at the Stanford Shopping Center over the holidays. I was rushing through; it caught my eye, I took a picture then moved on with life. Then I saw it tonight at the local (MI) neiman marcus and took a closer look. (Zegna "Quindici")

I think this is not a tie I would buy. But, it caught my eye twice, which ties rarely do in department stores that have hundreds of them. At first glance it seems like stephano ricci bright silk overload, and even at second glance I can't imagine it working on me, but I'm somewhat fond of the pattern (maybe just not as a tie!) so I was curious if any of you could speculate on a reasonable look that works with this tie.
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Yes, but not for that price.
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(Definitely not for the price. Question focused on the pattern, style.)
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I would not wear that tie...ever
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No, especially if you have to ask
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I see it with a:

-white or light blue shirt.
-light blue/brown PS.
-navy two-button lounge suit.
-dark brown captoes.

In my opinion, it'd be better to go plain on everything but the tie since the tie itself is so...crazy.gif.
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The pattern is odd. That alone should be enough of a reason to stay away from it.
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it all depends on how you like your tie knot.

I know its not SF approved but on occasion I do a full double windsor knot and this tie ties a huge knot.

I have 2 Quindicis and I love the intricate pattern and detailing in the tie, but it ties a HUGE knot.

Hope that helps!
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it looks tacky to me.

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Either no or hell no, I have't decided which yet.
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It can be worn, in the same way one can watch a Michael Bay film. 

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If you're bold enough to wear it, why not? It has that retro feel to it.

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you can't teach aesthetics, it may look awful to some but others might find it wearable..but personally won't.

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