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Originally Posted by Panos View Post

Let me share with you my experience. 

Last month I bought two mtm TF suites, the Basic A thing. Its one costed me $5291.33 (final price including taxes) 

Before buying those I did my research in Madison Av., at this point I should say that I am not a Suit expert non I am aware of all the brands that make top suits. 

I went in many stores and at the end of the day I was between Hermes and TF. 

I had two problems with Hermes, the first one was the staff's attitude (they were trying hardly to make me buy, in a point that I felt stressed). The second one was that they didn't have any mtm suits that I liked there. They only had some "trendy"/summer options which I didn't like much.  As I couldn't find what I wanted I asked about the bespoke options, I saw the fabrics and my picks landed me at ~$5300 (probably before taxes, I don't remember) each.

Hermes suits can go really expensive with the scarf lining and other things that I don't like at all. 

Then I had a word with their tailor who killed every chance, he spoke really bad for TF suits and all this conversation lead me to go away. 

To be honest, my consideration was to take the one suit from Hermes as Bespoke and get the second one mtm from TF. 

After this visit on Hermes, I went back to TF where I enjoyed some champagne and I ordered them.

I do like TF suits and it was a dream for me to buy one and they do look really nice (at least in my taste). BUT I am really annoyed that TF products go out on sale. Now that I learned that, I am not gonna buy again any $600 shirts or any other products on full price except maybe suits.

The policy that Hermes has (no sales) is the best in order to keep its "rich" customers, no-one want to spend 4-5-6K on suits and then to see them in 30%-40%-50% sale... 30% on the suits that I bought is $1.5K for each one.

You are suppose to make something exclusive, not something for mass distribution.. That's my point of view and that's why I thought that they are selling them on such prices.  

My understanding is that TF Base A and Hermes start on the same price range. 

Bespoke can go crazy high ( especially in Hermes) but there again they do start on similar level. What I was told in store, is that if you want to make bespoke a suit and choose the same fabric with the mtm TF base A suit.. you will get the same price with a small surcharge (~10%). 

I didn't ask the price for the Hermes mtm as I didn't find a single one to care for. But the bespoke on the fabrics that I picked was ~5300. 

Bottom line? Buy whatever you like more (suit or brand) both of them are top quality but be aware that if you buy a TF you can find the same thing after a week or a month $1K cheaper...  

10% surcharge is for MTO. Their MTM has a 20% surcharge for MTO you chose one of the ones they have in their RTW collection I.E their Base A jacket and that particular fabric and from there you can pick the pants you want, like the normal, wider cut, or the slim cut ones, The MTM on the other hand you can pick fabrics that are not available on their RTW lines and the 20% surcharge is just if you pick the same as what they offer RTW, obviously if you pick some ultra luxurious fabric it will be more, but if you pick the basic grey one which is 4200 RTW, and have that MTM then its 4200+20% of that which comes out cheaper than some of their RTW models lol. The one i got from them was a solid midnight blue which was 5k then plus the surcharge and taxes came out to 6k exactly. Im talking about TF not hermes btw.
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Originally Posted by Quarks View Post

Panos, I see that you are from England, no? Have you shopped at Selfridges, London? For the Base A you bought costing USD $5K is pretty much on the mid-upper end price range. I guess the prices for Tom Ford depends on what fabric you choose both RTW & MTM. I was particularly surprised when the majority of the TF suits at Selfridges (London) cost about USD $2,900 - 3,000 for both 2-piece & 3-piece RTW suits. For non-EU customers like me, minus the VAT is a bonus. Even the TF SA was commenting how customers from other parts of the world were surprised how the prices for TF suits were cheaper compared to everywhere else.
In Australia, TF is wayy over-priced (pretty much every imports are). 50% discounts on TF would still go for AUD$2,800 to $3,200 (Cost of full price TF suits in London). And good luck on finding the smaller sizes. Media has been reporting customers buying 3-6 pairs of MTM at one go, each costing north of $6K.
The disparity of TF prices across the world is mind-bending.TF 18K gold cufflinks in Hong Kong goes for AUD$2.5K ++, and in Australia, it cost almost twice the price AUD$4.5. For real? K.C.U.F.


Man, who in London, with Savile Row tailors would sink money in a Tom Ford suit? Thats why Its cheaper there, so they can actually sell it.

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skyfall is coming

go for tom ford its going to have more hype this year
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Consider you could get a nice bespoke suit in that price, it is really stupid to go to those shop for suits..
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