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I'm finishing up my book, and need help writing this section. I know JoFaile has a bunch, but beyond normal holiday and end of season sales, does anyone know a good source for getting good watches at a discount? I know about, but their prices aren't always that great. Any help would be greatly appreciated, and could merit a footnote and/or Acknowledgment.
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hmm, well... I can give you a reference to a nice watch that I have that really has been kind to me. and it cost under $100. It's a Kenneth Cole silver square face with black band. I get tons of compliments when i wear it (obviously). I don't think I'd get to many if I weren't wearing it:   "Hey nice watch"   "Thanks man, just bought it."  a little sample dialogue of me getting complimented on my non-existent watch. anyway, i got it at dillard's or foley's. and it was probably the nicest one i saw. of course, they don't have the omega and rolex brands. So I hope this helps a little.
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Try has a great selection of high end watches,at significant savings. You can also search by price range,brand name,type of bracelet, save time(no pun intended).
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Thanks for the help so far, gentlemen.
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A few associates at my firm have recently purchased faux watches at Unless you were up close, you would never know the difference. Personally, I like a jewlery store in Atlanta named Mednikow. I purchased my Patek there and my fiancee's pearls and some Yurman stuff for her. Excellent service...
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Try Yaeger Watches in New York. I know they have a website, but can't remember the URL. They have brand of high-end watch you could imagine and sell them new with huge discounts. I'm not sure exactly how they do it, but they're pretty famous and have been on talk shows, etc. I got my new Omega Seamaster there for only about $750. They also sell used watches.
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Gentlemen: Thanks again. Steve B.
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