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Someone sell me their brown lamb A2--around 47

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Huntin' for a TOJ0 varsity in 50-52, message me
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Originally Posted by reedobandito View Post

Anyone have any ToJ0's or ToJ1's for sale in any color combo? PM me

Trying to decide between a BBall and ToJ varsity of some sort for a casual spring jacket

Looking for sizes 46 or 48, Bball too
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Ugh. Got a stock black calf 48 2010DR with gunmetal zips. Think I might need to reorder for a 49. frown.gif

Anyone interested?
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I have a stock 44 2010DR that has been lovingly worn and I'm looking to trade for anything else in stock 46. Willing to add cash. Send me a message.
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hey guys i have a sz 44 black/black/camo toj1 that i just got off another guy on sufu and it turned out to be too small for me.  interested in trading for a 46 or just selling.  pm me!

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Have a brand new tan 50/48 baseball, I would trade for other TOJs around that size
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Hi all, 


Just received my new v2 oxford in white in size medium. Brilliant shirt but I need a size large (either color will do, or you can just buy it from me). I didn't realize how slim toj fits.



shoulders 17.5

pit 20.5

Length(back) 30

sleeve 26

collar 16

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I'm looking for a TOJ in a 46-48 (close to 48), hit me up if you have anything. 

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looking for a QDR or 2010DR BLACK LAMBSKIN ONLY in 47-48.

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Ok, I am pretty certain about selling my 48 black calf 2010dr. Official listing coming today or tomorrow.

Too small to wear with layers but not too small to wear but I'm going to have to reorder just for that anyway.

bleh frown.gif
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You could probably pack some layers under my pristine condition, never to be made again, won't be eaten by moths because it's made of gore-tex MA-1, stock 50.

Just sayin'...
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Didn't the raglan jackets run a size small? Or was that just the last iteration of the TOJ1?
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I don't want to make any sweeping statements on sizing, and can only speak to the jackets known, but my 48 toj 0(?)/anniversary varsity and 50 toj1 varsity fit the same...I'm guessing maybe because the toj1 is reversible, with a thick cotton camo side. Not sure it has anything to donwith the raglan aspect.

The 50 MA-1 fits the same in the chest, but the shoulders are wider, 19-19.3-ish, I think (web site measurements for stock 50 are accurate), and regular, not raglan. On me, they flare out a bit because I have short arms and must hike-up the sleeves. Pulled down, if looks fine. The p2p measurement can be a little deceiving because of the lining or way it's cut; i have a 39 chest, and it's a bit snug.
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TOJ 2011 - Size 46 Blacked out with Digicamo reversible.

Same as the first pics here http://toj-gallery.com/main.php?g2_itemId=7641

Looking for cash firstly but will consider 48's.
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