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I'm currently selling this jacket on b/s, but I may also be interested in a suiting wool ma-1 + cash or another leather.


Pictures of the jacket can be seen here. http://www.styleforum.net/t/349768/new-toj-minimalist-double-rider-in-oxblood-calf#post_6377629


Originally Posted by CarterH View Post

Really love this jacket, but it is a bit snug on me, so I'm looking to re-order. It has been worn under 5 times; practically brand new. Skip the 16? week wait and save yourself $170!


The first picture is the most accurate one of the color of the jacket.


The jacket is a size 46-48, with these measurements.



shoulders 17.3"
chest (pit-to-pit) 21.5"
midsection 19.5"
waist 20.0"
body length, front 21.9"
body length, back 24.0"
sleeve length, from shoulder 24.0"
sleeve width @ pit 7.4"
sleeve width @ elbow 6.5"
sleeve width @ cuff 5.3"
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I have a Black ToJ Suiting Wool MA-1, Size 50.  I might be interested in trading for other MA-1 style jackets or a TOJ Suiting Wool Size 52.


PM me if you're interested.

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Selling a black TOJ peacoat 2011 model size 48/medium

Peep the thread for details


Also have a rare TOJ1 2011 Black/Black in the tiger stripe camo available,in size 46.

Really only an interest check atm, pm me if you're interested. Mainly looking for a trade for the same model in a 48
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Still looking for a brown bomber or CWU in 46 w/ 48 lengths, but now also interested in a size 48 Bball jacket...
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Hello everyone!


I've got got a TOJ1 that is the Black/Black colorway with digi-camo lining.  It's a size 50 with 48 lengths.  I'm interested in flipping it for a Suiting Wool MA-1 (size 50 I guess) in either black or grey.

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Hi everyone !


I have a Navy ToJ 2011 Peacoat in XL, looking for a L , PM me if interested !


( This is the one I have; http://www.styleforum.net/t/332927/price-drop-3-5-navy-toj-peacoat-with-quilted-lining-size-xl-fits-like-l, )



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Brand new TOJ qdr, black lamb silver hardware, only tried on once. Looking for anything in Calf/FQHH, with a similar size (willing to pay more for brand new since calf/fqhh is more expensive).




shoulders 17.5"
chest (pit-to-pit) 19.7"
midsection 18.1"
waist 18.6"
body length, front 21.8"
body length, back 23.9"
sleeve length, from shoulder 24.0"
sleeve width @ pit 7.0"
sleeve width @ elbow 6.2"
sleeve width @ cuff 5.4"
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Suede T1 or T3 in size 46. Looking for a dark green or steel blue but message me with whatever.

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selling FQHH 2010 DR size 48.


measurements (in.)
chest 21
sleeve length 24.5
back length 24.75 (from base of collar)
shoulder width 17 (measured as the distance across the back between the upper most tips of the shoulders, inculding gussets)
midsection width 18.75
hem width 19
upper arm width 7.75 (at underarm)
elbow width 6.75
cuff width 5
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TOJ peacoat 1.jpg 348k .jpg file




TOJ peacoat in S size for sale or trade, will entertain any TOJ model size S or 46/48
Condition is practically brand new, only tried on a few times indoors once I got it from another user but it's a touch too small for me.
Specific measurements:
Shoulders: 17"
P2P: 19.5"
Sleeve: 24.5"
Back body length: 31" (from base of collar)
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Looking for CM in a standard 52...any color but preferably Black.
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Originally Posted by sabracadabra View Post

still looking for a TOJ brown/whiskey/toffee bomber sz50, will pay good money

I'm trying to decide if I should sell my A2 brown bomber, size 50. It doesn't get enough wear, and I have a Schott bomber coming next week, so if you (or anyone else) are/is still interested, send a PM.


Excellent/Near Mint condition, no chest name tag, detachable fur collar, half length quilted placket flap. I'm located in NYC.

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looking for the original moto, in grey lambskin, size close to the stock 46. will pay good $$$
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Originally Posted by 1ZM View Post

Jason Borne TOJ1 and Olive TOJ1.5 (OG Winter Varsity) both in 48 (fits 46) available.
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WTB TOJ A2 in size 50

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