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Originally Posted by othertravel View Post

Exactly. It's shocking to see a NWT Canali suit on the forum for $500 when they're well north of 1k in Canada (on sale!).

I know. I was in DC last month. Got a Canali summer blazer for $1395 marked down to $125 at Nordstrom Rack at Pentagon city. biggrin.gif:D:D:D Here it would be $1600-1800 retail, marked down to maybe $900 on sale.

I think I explicitly travel to the US at least 2-3 times a year, every time I need a few more wardrobe pieces. What I save usually pays for the hotel and airfare.

OTOH, sometimes the Canadian gods will smile on us, like a $99 Etro unstructured blazer at Harry Rosen Outlet in Mississauga biggrin.gif
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Originally Posted by Gossage Consult View Post

I have told by top end tailors in Venice that the the cloth for the best Zegna and Brioni suits, sports jackets and trousers are made by thee same mills in Italy. The difference is the lining, drape, padding, service of retail store and personal preferences of the buyer name and reputation of the store. E. Gossage Gossage Consultancy Gritti Palace Venezia

For the Zegna Couture or Su Misura perhaps. Being discussed is Z Zegna, a lower end line (and fused, I believe). That said, Z Zegna does have nice cloth and cuts, just not great construction.
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I was asking similar questions about 2 years ago.


Before i knew a little more about what I was doing, i paid full Canadian retail for a Hugo Boss suit (black no less!).


With a little research I realized that I could get much more for my 1000$ elsewhere in the city.  I'm a little bigger than you are, but have found that at the price point you are looking at, Samuelsohn MTM is a great option.  I also really enjoy my Brooks Brothers 1818 Fitzgerald suits.  I was originally drawn to Hugo Boss and Z Zegna stuff because of the cuts.  The 1818 Fitzgerald is close enough in cut to be similar (and actually much nicer), and easily twice the quality.  When i bought mine, I got a 2 for ($1500 or so) deal which meant I added a solid Navy and solid Charcoal suit to my wardrobe in one fell swoop.  They have held up well in the year+ I've had them.  The Brooks Brothers store is down near Union Station and has this kind of deal fairly regularly I believe.  


While I have not been there in a long time, Gotstyle on Bathurst near Wellington is now selling Cerruti for about $1200 I've been told.  I have never seen these in person, but am told they are fully canvased and have a cut that would not be too dissimilar from what you probably like about Boss and Z Zegna.  If quality is not too important, and you won't be wearing your suit all that often, you can buy 2 Cinque suits at Gotstyle for about a grand.  I think they are pretty much indistinguishable from Hugo Boss for half the retail price.  Actually, everything else they sell is pretty much Boss-like and should be treated as such.


Good luck.


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I'm not familiar with Gotstyle, where exactly are they and what lines do they carry? I usually wear mainline Zegna suits and they fit me very well off the rack. I looked at a Z Zegna suit for travel, wanted to try a more current cut. Construction was meh and the cloth was bo grade or two below mainline, but they were cut small for the labeled size. I could barely button the suit jacket in my mainline size, I didn't even bother with the pants. It was overpriced for what it was, nice cut though. Probably going Samuelson MTM for a travel suit when the truck rolls into FCP unless Gotstyle has something of interest for me.
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Gotstyle is at 62 Bathurst.


They carry a whole pile of stuff that would in no way match your mainline Zegna suits.  Off the top of my head:  T-Concept (Tombolini's Z Zegna), Cinque, Paul Betenley (sp?), Strellson, Ted Baker, Tiger of Sweden and the like.  All slightly cheaper than the Boss's you find at Harry Rosen and of the same general quality construction wise.  None of them worth the savings (if any) over Brooks Brothers or Samuelsohn in my opinion.  I think Gotstyle is really oriented to the younger non-traditional guy who wants a suit that is cut very slim, but for whom quality is not really a primary concern.


Other than the Cerruti, Sand is the only thing priced a little higher than 1K at Gotstyle (as I remember).  Their suits are a little on the wild side, and I've no sense of the quality.  Seems a popular brand in the city though.  The Coop carries truckloads of the stuff.


I was in a few of the Yonge street shops North of Eglinton recently (Jerome's, Ermanno, Coop, Testa Uomo).  Ermanno carries a 1500$ range offering (Tombolini I think?).  Testa Uomo seems to have a lot of Pal Zileri, and I assume at a similar price.  Actually, Testa Uomo's new digs are really quite nice.  I remember seeing Boss, Pal Zileri, Canali, Armani, Tombolini at the store when I dipped in quickly to escape the rain.


On a side note, has anyone checked out Stollery's recently?  Is there anything there worth the visit?  Last time I was there i was shown a Daks suit that looked to be about 10 years old... and a suit with the name Jaguar on it that I was assured was of the finest quality.

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Thanks Coronaeus for the heads up on Gotstyle, will have a peek. Back in the day Cerruti 1881 suits were the top Euro brand. Think Brosnan in his Remington Steel days, I believe he wore 1881 suits. I bought a Barbour at Stollery's this fall and checked put the store. Still very Brit trad, 70s style merchandising. Mainstream Brit stuff, mid tier. Daks, Aquascutum, Derek Rose, Scottish cashmere sweaters, boaoads of Viyella shirts a d Barbour. Interesting items were Magee of Donegal tweed jackets and Jaguar (as in the car) brand suits, they looked nice, can't vouch for the quality. Prices are a bit high for what the stuff is, but. They are known to prices to off load the old stock, ymmv with what they choose to unload. SAs are very old school aggressive, they sell, not advise.

I think it's the only place in town to get a Haspel seersucker suit, an American icon imo. Definitely not the place for slim cut suits. Worth a look.
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wow... just want to say just by reading this thread ive learned alot. i actually own a zzegna suit which my ex got me a discount on while we were together (she worked at holts) but now i went back to holts recently and i saw my same suit in a charcole grey and i really wanted it and was willing to pay full pop becuase i loved the cut. but now reading im reconcidering. yes i love the zzegna and boss cut period but also wanted a quality suit. but at the same time i treat my zzegna as if it was my own skin and pamper it when i do wear it for its my first investment into a suit and i hope to have many more.


thanks everyone for sharing the 2cents and knowledge. definitely helps a young kid like me understand clothing more.

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Anyone know much about Canali Proposta? Is it similar quality to Z Zegna or better/worse? I can't find much information about it on the net and the only posts on here are 8+ years old.

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Originally Posted by bigtimebuck4 View Post

Anyone know much about Canali Proposta? Is it similar quality to Z Zegna or better/worse? I can't find much information about it on the net and the only posts on here are 8+ years old.

Isn't it half canvassed?
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the thread on here from 2004 (yes, 2004) had a post from someone who owned one and said it was fully canvassed. They said it was same quality, just a more modern style. Don't know if that was true and even if it was, perhaps it has changed by now.

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