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Saint Crispin sizing?

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It seems as though Saint Crispins are growing in popularity around here slowly. I'd like to order a pair from leathersoul and am trying to sort out my size.

I wear:

8E UK in C&J 337
8.5E UK in Edward Green 888
42.5 in Vass u-last

Does anyone have any advice regarding best St-C size?

If you have any Saint Crispin shoes, please post your size in various manufacturers and last, I'm sure there are many that would find it extremely useful.



PS: I apologize if this thread has been created before, I searched but could not find much STC sizing info.
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I'm a 9 G 1/2 in model 105 in St Crispins

I'm also:

9.5/10E on the 888
9/9.5F on the 888

9/9.5E on the 606

I´m a 9E on the JL 7000 but fit the 9F almost as well with no breaking in

G&G TG73 fits me perfectly in 9F
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I wear a 7.5E in C&J 337, 8.5E in EG 888,and 42 in Vass U last. In St. Crispins I am an 8F in the chisel last and I also fit in an 8E in the round toe last. Both St. Crispins and Vass seem to be the most forgiving give or take a half size off. Next forgiving would be C&J and least forgiving for my feet are EG's.
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Thanks for the info guys, very helpful!

Let's keep this going.
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I wear 8.5F UK in Edward Green 888. I got 2 pairs of St Crispins in 8.5F UK which fit perfectly. My St Crispins are even more comfortable than my EG.
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We would recommend 8F.
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That was the impression I got from the leathersoul comments threads, half size down from EG 888. Was confused by STC advice to go for 8.5F. I'll trust you guys since you sell both regularly.


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half size from EG 888 worked for me too
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