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Reliable online frangrance retailers?

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Hello gents - tried the search and nothing directly on point here. I would really like to pick up some Creed Himalaya, but the price was a little prohibitive in my native country. Thought I might be able to do better online.

What are the most reliable online re-sellers of fragrances. Are any of the discounted websites line scentmonkey, strawberry or frangrancenet reliable? The prices seem a little too good to be true.

Also, if anyone in this community has a bottle for sale, i'd be interested.

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If you buy Creed from one of the online retailers you mentioned, I think you're almost certainly getting gray market product. One of the members here--I think it was El Argentino but I might be wrong--got some fake Creed from one of these retailers, but they replaced it as soon as he complained.
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Thanks for the reply - that is my precisely my fear. May just have to bite the bullett and pay retail here but it is exorbitant!
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I'd say generally fragrancenet and the few others like scented monkey are almost always reliable. I'd say it's extremely rare to get a fake creed, however you might want to check batch codes to figure out if it's just an older stock bottle.

also check out random places like overstock and walgreens (yes, seriously). At retail Creeds are WAY overpriced.

lastly, (not with Himilaya) there are often flacon splits through places like youtube, basenotes, chrystalflacon, etc so if you just want the juice then it's much cheaper.
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I can recommend a guy over on Basenotes named Kron who does splits. He knows everything about Creed, Tom Ford and a host of others. I managed to get some Green Irish Tweed from him and it is definitely fresh juice.
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