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Office drama

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Does anyone have any crazy work mates or people you cant stand at work?

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I Used to. I Avoided them.
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Originally Posted by roofhead View Post

Does anyone have any crazy work mates or people you cant stand at work?

There's a thread for that.
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I did and I thought I fixed the problem with home made chloroform and placing it on the tissues... Now I am jobless, no unemployment, and have a lovely ankle bracelet.



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Everyone I work with is awesome, pretty much. And that's about 60 people. I realize how fortunate I am.
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My office is very chill too. There's one girl, however, that everyone hates. I don't really hate her, but I don't like her. The girls in the office HATE her though. They'll talk shit about her every opportunity to get.

Just today, some coworkers and I were eating lunch and they were talking shit about the girl and just right then, she walks into the conference room. She didn't hear anything, but obviously the conversation topic switched immediately..

Awkward. I try not to partake in shit-talking (easy, when I'm not in the office four days out of the week).
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I once worked with a girl who bragged that after a few years of work, she was "bought out" for 72 grand and went back to her job (the one she had been bought out of) in a few days because her boss loved her work and she even kept her pay grade. Only in government would this fly.

She was so petty she reported me on the tiniest thing, like using the wrong paper in the photocopier, or not completing an executive summary properly (I have a poly sci degree, she basically was self taught and was a total moron). But she wasn't all bad. She had been working there for ten years and was okay if you had to ask somebody for help.

We used to have this game she was good at. One employee would insist I requisition a new chair, filing cabinet, desk lamp, junkcatcher, etc. We'd agree, then when we were out of earshot of this other employee, we'd piece together the stuff I wanted from used and discarded furniture. Despite being annoying, she was pretty neat. We even stole a co-workers filing cabinet while they were at lunch.

The best part of that job was medical/dental/holiday. Three weeks a year holiday, two weeks sick leave (which everybody rolled into a holiday) unconditional (lots of people went camping on long weekends and called in sick Thursday and Friday) and a bonus of 3 grand after three months work.

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I'm in a very young office (most people I interact with on a daily basis are 30 or under), which is nice.
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doesn't everyone..
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I got a couple Colorado nut jobs at my office.
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people in colorado are weird.. can't explain it.

must be the altitude.
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Originally Posted by roofhead View Post

Does anyone have any crazy work mates or people you cant stand at work?

I enjoyed my previous work station a lot with work as well as colleges.
For the current one, it became common thing for me to face such people (after a long period).

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