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Formal watch suggestion...

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I am looking for a budget(around 200 - 300 ) automatic, black leather strap watch (Preferably from Seiko)...

been looking around for awhile and couldn't really find any, do you guys have any suggestion?

Thanks very much in advance
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Or you could get a Seiko 5 and add a calf leather crocodile strap.

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Here is a huge list of Seiko 5 dress watches with good pics and specs: http://m.gmarket.co.kr/Goods/GoodsDetailInfo.asp?goodscode=186294820
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Yeah, if you have $300 you can easily buy a black strap.
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Sea-Gull also has some very nice watches in your price range. Kevin at US Sea-Gull is a real stand-up guy.

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I bought this Seiko 5 from overstock.com for about $65 on a bracelet, found this black strap at Target for another $8. I looks a lot bigger in this close up photo than it actually is -- 38mm X 10mm.

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Thanks so much guys for your input. hmm... I will probably get it from Hong Kong, it seems seiko is a lot cheaper from there icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif
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