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anyone else noticed all the great reviews are from 1-2 post fake accounts?
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I order for 2 years and am at peace with the selection of materials, the quality and service. A small criticism I have: if you ordered several shirts at once shipping costs per item calculated.

Overall, I can iTailor but highly recommend it!

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To be honest there were some issue with Itailor but eventually these were overcome, I'll try them again soon.

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Just to be clear, you're saying you wouldn't recommend them, right?

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Why have you come here to rant about this firm as a first post? Seems very odd, do you work for a competitor?
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Originally Posted by GBR View Post

Why have you come here to rant about this firm as a first post? Seems very odd, do you work for a competitor?


Let's not jump to conclusions. People are usually motivated to sign up when they have something they really want to post about, be it positive or negative.

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It's actually pretty common for online tailoring firms to create socks here promoting their own wares and criticizing others.

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Nope I certainly don't work for any competition and iTailor have now given me a full refund after my rant, he who shouts loudest and all that :)

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I am writing my honest review about iTailor since iTailor emailed me to offer a free shirt if I wrote a review anyway!

I have been a customer of iTailor since 2013.

That was about 1.5 year after working then started venturing into tailor made work clothing when my income increased.

The first 1-2 shirts, suits, pants were understandably experimental. I took all the measurements myself and tried out how itailor uses these measurements to cut and sew the clothes. Thankfully those won't a waste as I was accurate! I am still wearing them today.

In these 2-3 years, I purchased a whole wardrobe over 20 shirts, 3 suits, 1 vests, 6 pants, 1 jeans.

It was not always perfect, on 2-3 occasions the shirts still came in out of my measurements. But iTailor ALWAYS rectify these problems for me as soon as I emailed them with evidence and offered a remake.

I even tailored 4 shirts for my bestman last year for my wedding. Taking their measurements myself. Thankfully all shirts came in on time and fit perfectly!

So far I find textured/pattern shirts wrinkles less than solid coloured shirts. I hope iTailor can improve the quality of solid colour shirts.

iTailor prices are reasonable however I hope iTailor allow combination of items for shipment. It is very costly to pay shipping for every single item ordered.


PS: iTailor now give me my free shirt! biggrin.gif
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iTailor asked me to post a honest review for a free shirt. Is there something wrong with that "marketing tactic" I don't think so. So this is my first post, and will probably be my last post, but nonetheless I'd like to share my thoughts.


I'm from Holland and have been a client since 4 years orso.


Have ordered more then 20 shirts in the past years, also numerous suites, jackets, outdoor jacket, jeans and shoes.

Ordering process is somehow cumbersome (sometimes not saving measurements etc) but in general the site works great. Be sure to select regular or slimfit! Start with ordering one shirt.


Have no experience with other tailors.


You should take into account that for example a suit needs some tweaking after ordering at your local tailor.

Would love to be able to order a sample booklet.

Measuring takes a bit of a learningcurve.

Always, customer service is one of the best I've experienced. They always offer a great solution.

I recommend the company, but be sure to try out with some cheap fabrics first.

The should however combine shipments, as this takes a huge amount of the budget.

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Originally Posted by TopHatChef View Post

I searched on here and found that some people have ordered shirts from itailor.com, but was wondering if anyone could really vouch for their quality, and really had any pictures of the shirts you've ordered. I'd love it if I could order such a custom shirt for so little. Most other bespoke websites want to charge an additional $5 for changing the color of all the little bits, so my shirts end up being an extra $20 a piece.
Worst company ever rubbish stuff not the sizes you give that's if you receive just lies and excuses avoid or lose your money !!
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I will never order from itailor.com again
My shirt sleeve are to short
My suit jacket is to big round the belly
My trouser are to big round the waist
I will tell every one never to spend a penny with you again
I will spend the rest of my life finding ever review site about you bed service
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