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Some long time buyers got asked to post on some forums, but so what. Everyone is extremely happy with the work of iTailor and that was the question of the topicstarter right?


I myself have over 40 shirts from iTailor and they are all perfect fit (first one didn't, tweaking measures is necessary one time). 


Try it, you'll see.

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Cool story.
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Yes very happy, ordered lots of stuff already,

had some issues, as you always will have with webshops, two in tree years , but customer service every time solved it .

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I am very happy with he shirts I own. Great value for money. You can't buy an equally fitted shirt off the rack for the same price. I would recommend ordering one shirt to test the fit and tweak if necessary.
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I have been using iTailor for 4 to 5 years, I am very happy with the quality and breadth of fabric choices. I have recommended iTailor to all my family and friends.
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I personally would never use iTailor because 1) its name is following Apple's naming system, which will create an association with Apple products. From what I have heard and seen, iTailor shirts fit terribly and thus do not deserve such an association. 2) of this thread with users with 1 post that joined this month recommending it suggest that iTailor itself is creating these accounts (even though it may not be the case).


Please close this thread.

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I can't stress enough on this: If you're going to order a shirt, do order the absolutely cheapest trial shirt they have, and start with only one. Don't get tempted into buying multiple shirts, no mater how cheap it is....the fit is more than likely going to be awful, and they've even specified on their website that there's an error margin on up to 1 inches on some measurements. (Though in my experience this went way beyond one inch) 


My measurements on moderntailor and italor came out the same, even when using their different measurement guides. My MT shirt was a bit too slim, but usable, the iTailor shirt came out 3 sizes too large around waist and chest. From there you can try to correct the measurements, and hope that the errors on your new shirt won't swing the other way. I have a feeling that there's lots of trial and error with MT, but you'll always have the chance of receiving an ill-fitting shirt, simply because their production methods/QC is lacking. 


As for the shirt itself, well, what can I say. The collar is kinda small, so look elsewhere if you want a long collar with great roll. buttons were nothing to write home about. Fabric felt like the cheapest TM Lewin shirts, but still wearable compared to other shirts in this price range.


Is it worth spending 100 bucks on "perfecting" a fit on mediocre shirts? Will you save money in the long run, compared to just shopping elsewhere?

And then there's of course the 6 week wait, give or take. 

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Given the number of quality shirtings Luxire has on offer for $100 or less, and the fact that you can get any collar (or other feature) you want from them, I'm puzzled why one would go to "iTailor" for on-line MTM.  They don't seem to be competitive.





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Well, to be honest, their 3D design tool is absolutely awesome. It really blows away everything else of online MTM, especially their shirt editor. It's just too bad that the quality is meh and the end results really vary. 


But yes, as far as quality and fit, it's hard to beat Luxire for online MTM.

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I have used iTailor.com for 5 years and I buy all my work shirts from them now.

I've ordered 30+ shirts and found the fit to be very consistent once I had tuned the measurements I entered with the first 2 shirts.

I cannot fault the quality of either the fabrics or the finish - both are excellent.

Great value for money - you'll struggle to find off-the-peg shirts this good at the price they charge.

Delivery takes a little time but that is to be expected for a custom product and it's more than worth the wait.

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I have 457 shirts made by iTailor. They are so good I even use them as pants. And sometimes hats. In fact I liked iTailor so much that I had them build my new house. Admittedly the door doesn't work, the walls aren't straight, the roof leaks and they don't appear to have put in any floors, but it's the best value house I've ever seen and all my friends want one, sometimes two. iTailor are so great I am now commissioning them to make me a new wife!


Seriously, why is this thread still here? It should be retitled 50 Shades of Bullshit.

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While it’s nice that people are satisfied with their purchases and I’m happy for them, there’s really no reason why others should take their opinions seriously.  There were people who liked the Yugo car, too.


Itailor’s refusal to sell fabric swatches is a red flag, as is their refusal to provide any information whatsoever on the cloth they use for shirting, such as weight, thread count, or even source.  When questioned about this they unhelpfully referred me back to the poor quality photos on their website:


“For additional information and a high resolution image of any specific fabric, we kindly request you to please refer to our 3D Designer (click on the 'zoom' icon on the fabric picture you have selected, for a higher resolution).”


If this was quality cloth don’t you think they’d be advertising the fact? 


Even more worrisome is the description of their suit fabrics as “wool blend” with no indication of the actual composition.  I’m betting mostly synthetic with just enough wool to make the claim true (if irrelevant).


I don’t think there’s much mystery about the recent spate of 1-post posters promoting iTailor.  The company encourages people to promote them and offer various incentives, e.g.,


“Tell Your Friends about us!
(Get 50% Discount!)

Review Our Products and Get Discounts!
Send pictures of yourselves with our products to info@itailor.com
(Get 10% Discount!)”


So caveat emptor, don’t you think?





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