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Well, i've just had notification that my remade jacket has shipped via DHL :) So keeping my fingers crossed!!!!!

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Well, i've just had notification that my remade jacket has shipped via DHL :) So keeping my fingers crossed!!!!!

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I hope your new jacket fits.  Post pictures of it when you receive it. :)

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Good news.. my jacket arrived today and it fits perfectly, the quality is good and it does look really great. They even added a free pocket square that matches the lining of the jacket. So i'm really happy . :) 

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I ordered a shirt in April and it arrived last week. I measured my size imputed it into the website and waited about 6 weeks for the shirt to arrive. On opening the package I could see they had oversized the shirt straight away. I and a 47 inch chest and I trailer had gave me a 54 inch chest. Hip and waist where also 7 inches wider and arms where massive. I got in contact with I trailer who informed me that a trailered shirt can vary in size by 7 inches which I find shocking for a trailered shirt. I have asked I tailer for a replacement shirt which they have refused. I have went to a local tailer who can't even alter it because of the size. I would not use these cow boys again.
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These fools have really got my goat.

I've purchased numerous products and have been very happy. Nice quality shirts, good fit.


Then I ordered 2 pairs of shoes (together). One pair were fine, the other was much smaller.


After a lot of chasing and ignored emails they eventually responded and admitted their mistake, but only after I posted on Twitter. They committed to replace the shoes. Only they never turned up.

After more chasing and more ignored emails and another tweet, they tell me they will send me yet another pair of replacement shoes. Only they don't turn up either.


More emails go unanswered so I resort to Twitter again... no reply to that this time... Instead, they BLOCKED me.

So this bunch of idiots now have made me mad. So they will get the bad press they deserve for truly appalling customer service.

I call them idiots because I cannot come up with a better description of a company that could have a happy customer if they sorted the issue. As I said at the start, the products are good, but they now have poor reviews because they have no idea how to deal with customers.


I nearly forgot, I am pretty patient... they had my money nearly 9 months ago.

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Sounds cool I'll take a look...lokking for place to make custom

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Hi, I have not bought two suits from I Tailor, the first, a year ago was great, a nice finish, fit and fabric. The second was poor. The fabric feels cheap, the finish is not so good and they have not made it to my measurements!! When I tried to complain, I found a feedback section on their web page, told them my problems and was told they would get back to me in 24-48 hours. After a week I tried again! A week later I tried again. I still have not had anything back from them. This is unbelievably bad customer service! If I were reviewing them on the basis of the first suit I would say "go for it". But now I say stay away.

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As for itailor.com shirts, only buy the patterned fabrics.


The solid colour shirts are terrible.


The solid coloured fabric is thick, cheap-looking, they don't iron or dry clean well.  They look just so bad.  Worse than boxed shirts.


And they're never been able to get the measurements right - the shirts are always too big - thankfully the XL setting seems to fit.


In some respects the itailor.com shirt sales are a deal, but in other respects you could get a better shirt at Marshall's or Winners for cheaper.

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I made my first order a few months ago with a shirt. It was good sized. I already have about 10 shirts with french cuffs and monograms.
Really nice and well fitted to my body (I'm not a model!)
I had a few problems with my first jean, suit and shoes: the size was not fine. There is a difference between my measurements and what I received. I tried again with adjustments and perfect. And it's not expensive.
Now, I made several shirts, jeans, and two suits and it's really good. 

I had few fabrics issues and the customer service answered seriously with discounts or new products.

Often, I wait for good promotions to make shirts, shoes...

I really want to try the coat but I hesitate cause it need to bee really good fitted 

Finally, I really recommand iTailor and I say that to my friends. One day, a fried and I were wearing the same shirt !

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