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I have been ordering shirts from iTailor.com for nearly 4 years, and have been very happy with each and every shirt they have sent me.  I started to order shirts because I have an issue buying shirts from UK stores or online because of an 17.5 inch neck but short body, and I have never been disappointed with any iTailor product - I have even bought shoes from them for my wedding and they were amazing! very comfortable and just what I wanted - the photographer even took photos of just my shoes!
The guide for measuring yourself to ensure the best fit couldn't be any easier, and the material quality of the shirts is excellent - they iron well, wash well, keeping their shape just right, and to be honest, I can't see why anyone would buy a shirt from Next or similar without trying iTailor for a shirt or two.  The options to customize so many aspects of the shirts means you're sure to stand out from the crowd - I've had plenty of positive feedback from clients and colleagues at work as to the look and fit of the shirts - I order nearly one shirt every month to keep my wardrobe fresh - their value and quality is excellent - and I have tried another online shirt company and wasn't anywhere near as impressed as I have been with iTailor - and this other company was WAY more expensive.  I will continue to be a customer of iTailor as long as they keep doing what they're doing - making awesome shirts at great prices.

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I think that the

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I have just written a lengthy description of my experience with iTailor on my website (I promise you that this is not spam).  If you are interested it is www.browns-gas.info.  You really aught to read it if you are tempted to use itailor.

I think that the lesson to be learned from your experience is that you simply don't have the same level of protection when you use PayPal that you get when you use your credit card.


I once had a vendor intentionally send me a wrong size because he was out of the size that I had ordered. Because I paid with PayPal I ended up having to pay for the return shipping, which is absolute BS when someone intentionally sends you a wrong item.

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I also just ordered some custom shoes, and will try to report back with my experience with itailor.com.


So far, I can tell you. I first took the measurements on my own and submitted them.

itailor's customer service team contacted me via email to say, they do not think that it is possible for the the measurements I submitted to be accurate based off my selected US 12 foot size, but I have weird feet lol, but they listed the instructions and asked me to remeasure, I had my mom help me this time, and the measurements indeed were off by a few centimeters, I was trying to do it on my own to save time and hassle, but it truly is important to have help when measuring, even for shoes. 


I thanked them for reaching out to me and sent them the updated measurements, they replied that same evening saying, the will send my measurements to their craftsmen, and would begin creating the shoes.


Shoes take 6-8 weeks to get, so I have awhile to wait, but I hope that they fit well and are awesome.


Overall I was impressed with their customer service.


Also the shoes were on a 50% off Sale, So I paid $88.50 including shipping. So if they do happen to not fit, I didn't spend $100's thank goodness, but, if they completely don't fit, I doubt I will be shopping with itailor again, I took super accurate measurements the second time and double checked them.

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I would not recommend using itailor. The idea is great, but when i received two substandard shirts - both marked, one with colours that clearly didn't match as shown, one with the collar too large so it bent up on the collar bone - i have had no useful response. they asked for photo's which i sent over, then sent again at their request, plus at least five other emails asking for a response, but nothing. So don't waste your money - they are a good price, but if you get nothing wearable out of it, that good price becomes a rip off. 

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I am absolutely bewildered by the fact that the last 2 dozen comments were made by posters with only 1 post count.... Does anyone else on SF finds this to be somewhat interesting - if not problematic?

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If i understand correctly you are saying that i have only posted once? This is not something I would normally do, but i've felt so frustrated and somehow the question about itailor popped into my inbox. I don't want others to spend good money on rubbish, hence feeling driven to write. So it is real, I'm just not a regular 

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iTailor - The first shirt I bought from them was ok.  Delivery was slow, but overall, for the price, I was pleased.  I received a basic white business shirt that fit.  


The next order was terrible. They sent the wrong shirt, apparently someone else's order - wrong material, wrong size, french cuffs instead of button cuff's, and colored trim (red/pink crossed lines) when none was ordered. Delivery was again slow, but that was expected.  


The real problem was their customer service's response to this.  I sent them an email explaining the problem and their response was not to offer a solution (like sending me the right shirt), but to say they couldn't open the attachment I had sent, The attachment was just the order confirmation email, but apparently they thought it was photos of the shirt.  So in the reply I sent I attached photos of the shirt, because I thought that would expedite their response when they saw that it was clearly not what I ordered and I thought that is what they wanted (pictures). I even sent a photo of the DHL package (and label) that it came in. I've sent this email several times over the last week and not a single response back - dead silence.


Don't order from this company.  They apparently don't have any quality control and they don't stand behind what they sell.  I'm out $45, but lesson learned.  I've had much better luck with Modern Tailor and have been happy with their shirts.

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The Unbiased Opinionator

LOL at this. Reported for what it is: spam.
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I bought one test shirt from tailor.com and will not be purchasing again.  Ok fabric at a reasonable price, but there are several major issues.  First of all, unlike Charles Tyrwhitt, they have a no return policy.  I gave them all the correct measurements and asked for a slim fit.  Their slim fit was tighter than most ultra-slim fit from other makers.  I cannot wear it.  When I asked for a replacement, they were unwilling to do anything to earn my repeat business.  Second, they do not have removable collar stays and the stays they have built in are extremely flimsy.  Buying from iTailor is a gamble and not one I am willing to make again.

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I bought the shirt of the week the first time and entered my exact measurements and went with the euro slim fit $37.98 shipped...the first shirt was way to tight but I expected this so I then ordered a second shirt and made some adjustments to the sizing same thing shirt of the week $37.98 this shirt fit really well a bit tight but could definitely wear it. same thing made adjustments and ordered a third shirt of the week and it fit absolutely perfect!


now lets break this down.


37+37=$74 spent to get the perfect fitting shirt for my body (athletic build 17in neck, 43 inch chest, 33 in waist)


each shirt I have ever bought off the rack has needed to be taken in waist and darts added


my tailor 

darts $10

shirt sides taken in $10

cost of average shirt of the rack $30 

total cost on average $50



so in reality I spent $24 and now have the proper measurement for perfect fitting shirts. in turn, this will save me money over time "Shirt of the weeks" are 24.95+12.99 shipping so this comes out to 37.98 when an average cost of an OFT shirt is $30+20 for tailoring =$50 (not including time and gas to drive to the tailor and get measured up.)


this isn't including referral discounts that I get when buying shirts with different accounts.


every time you make a purchase you get a referral code for 10% off or 25% off just setup a couple accounts and rotate them.


stop complaining because the first shirt you bought didn't fit you perfectly. adjust the sizing until you get it right. it will save you money in the long run and you will look much better!








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Did exactly what you said and they sent a shirt with the exact same measurements as the first one.  iTailor sucks!

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Originally Posted by imiami View Post

Did exactly what you said and they sent a shirt with the exact same measurements as the first one.  iTailor sucks!

I have not had an issue after getting the sizing right. sorry to hear that maybe you should contact them about that.

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