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just like to say that i have had two shirts custom made by itailor and have been really pleased with the result, the workmanship and materials are first class, and im in the process of seeing if they can make me a jacket now im that pleased hope this answers you question.

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just like to say that i have had two shirts custom made by itailor and have been really pleased with the result, the workmanship and materials are first class, and im in the process of seeing if they can make me a jacket now im that pleased hope this answers you question.

What connection do you have with the company then? Your post is unbelievable - first post congratulating a little known trader.
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i tailor? Never again!. In spite of I took measures with an additional large/width for my shirt, I just received a baby size. I looked like a scuba diver. Every part of the shirt was too short, too tight.If I have to resume in one word, I will say DEPLORABLE.

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I bought a shirt from itailor 2 years ago and was extremely happy with it. Great value for money would reccommend itailor 100%.

Takes a while to receive you items but it is well worth the wait.

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Is This a Rip Off ?


I have just received my 'made to measure' shirt. For £35 I thought I would give them a try. Shirt doesnt fit despite taking great care with the measurements as per their website. The collar is a flimsy material that doesnt look right. The quality of the shirt, which is now in the bin, reflects the price so I wasnt expecting a lot but I am disappointed that the so called 'made to measure' aspect is a waste of time !. And I didnt know it was being made in Thailand.

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I feel I must weigh in on this iTailor debate, as I have ordered a few things from them. To preface my review, it is important to note that Styleforum has a wide range of consumers. Clearly some who have lots of money to spend (up to $350 on shirts in some cases) and others who would like to be stylish on a budget. As a former arts editor of a weekly who takes clothing seriously as a personal interest I am picky and exacting about both fit and fabric. I have dated a milliner (hat-maker) and the product developer for Ugg's men's clothing department was my girlfriend for years. However I make a pittance in the mental health field and have to shop cautiously.

My first shirt from iTailor was a euro-fit shirt made of white organic cotton, with an "Italian" style collar, French cuffs, and with contrasting white-with-blue flowers on the back of the placket and the inside of the collar band and back of the cuffs. It had two buttons on the collar. To be honest it was a decent shirt that fit like a glove - and truly fitted shirts have been my obsession for years. Sadly I measured my torso too short, trying to strike a balance between a shirt that tucks in with a tie and a shirt that can be out and still look good (and I chose a straight cut rather than tails), and I learned that your measurements are ESSENTIAL and that someone else should measure you. The Italian collar is a broad cut and reminds of the "Tall cutaway" collar on some Hue & Crye shirts.

I then ordered a suit in pinstripe, and to be very honest, the pants are really good, nicely finished, lined, and very snug. They are truly "fitted" with not much room at all - so be aware of that if ordering. The jacket was too wide in the shoulders, which was my fault for trying to measure myself, but fit well everywhere else. It did have a somewhat heavy interlining as another reviewer has point out. The vest was an absolute disaster, and I would not order another one.

I have ordered a few more shirts and they always fit well, and I ordered one for my brother who also liked it. I then ordered a pair of grey with light stripe pants for my wedding (well in advance, obviously) and they fit beautifully and were finished well, and again truly snug and fitted which I like. It was very nice to be able to order them longer in the rise (crotch) so that they would come up to the buff colored, straight-bottom, double breasted waistcoat I had ordered from Charles Tyrwhitt and not leave my white shirt exposed in the middle.

So to summarize, pants and shirts from iTailor are great if you are properly measured, vests are poor, and jackets are probably not a good idea either.

Meanwhile, has anybody tried those Hue & Crye shirts?

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Quality is just fine. OK material and details well done. But their measurement directions are !@#$%$#@! and, I suppose, that's what resulted in sleeves that were about three inches short. When I tried to resolve things, I met with massive silence.



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I recently found itailor...and having had success with online tailoring previously, decided to give it a try!


I ordered a custom pair of shoes...Perfect Fit! and love them.  


I've since ordered 5 dress shirts and a sports jacket...I'll post my reviews when they arrive!!


no issues, great customer service, quick delivery and really nice quality...especially for the price.

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The fabric (100% cotton "easy care") is absolutely impossible to iron or press; it retains and shows wrinkles worse than any shirt I've ever owned.  The customization options are great, and the fabric itself feels nice, but it's wrinkled the moment after you iron it, and comes back from the dry cleaner wrinkled before it's even removed from the plastic.  Totally useless; I had to donate it to Goodwill, since it wasn't useful for business or pleasure, unfortunately.  



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I used to buy shirts from the local shops like Zara, Pull & Bear, Bigotti etc. Only a few satisfied my taste. I was limited to slim fit models and fabrics since those were the only ones that fit my body.


I've been buying shirts from for about a year and a half now.

The first thing that cought my eye and got iTailor to be the single site to look for shirts was the playful designing method. I spend hours trying the fabrics and the styles of shirts and suits. The more detailed the fabrics the harder it was for me to take the "perfect" decision. I was a bit unsure at the beginning when I had to get myself measured up, but I got it through and I ordered my first shirt. I used almost all the customizable features, like 2 pockets, shoulder epaulettes, inside and outside contrast and of course a monogram!


After about a month I got the shirt. It suited it almost perfectly and because I used about all the customizable features, I was closer to establishing my taste in shirts. I dropped the shoulder epaulettes and the 2 pockets and then analyzed the shirt some more. The next order was for 3 shirts. Different types of fabric and each with a bit of change of the measurements.


I had a great experience talking with the guys from iTailor who shared their experience with me as I was changing the measurements. I then sent them custom measurements of the cuffs, biceps, forearms and armhole to make the shirts fit even better! I got more and more experience with every shirt bought.


I now own 9 shirts from iTailor and each of them is unique and with its own personality to fit my different moods when I go out or to work.


iTailor is cheaper, much better suited and you can create your custom shirt to better fit you and your personality.

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i recently ordered 3 shirts and a pair of pants


the shirts were a bit small in the fit and the pant were a disaster - cant even wear them. i measured everything the way they said to be measured and they seem to have made it even smaller then the sizes i gave them - i assume they should know that when measuring they need to know how much extra room to leave for comfort - and i do like a slim fit but these were terrible

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You can style a suit with any lining you would like.

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beware if paying by paypal

Worth noting paypal will not help if an itailor transaction go's wrong!

I ordered a garment from these guys.. the fit was poor and dimension are verified from another tailor. If you intend to risk an order with these guys (I wouldn't then possibly avoid using paypal.. by the time the item arrives the 45 day paypal warranty has probably expired, In my case itailor have failed to respond.. paypal have washed their hands due to the 45 day rule and my bank ditto.
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Terrible seller.

I ordered a shirt which is larger by 5 inches. When I questions the order, they replied: "​As stated in our Terms and Conditions, we add 2-7 inches (depending on your submitted measurements and fit selection) to the chest and waist ... "

It made my shirt unusable because it is too big. Retailer refused to make any adjustments, refunds, returns...


just remember, once you pay them money, it's gone ... so PRAY that shirt (or any order) is gooddd...

Personally, i suggest you go to the store and try the shirt one and then buy it.

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Thank you all. I was going to give this a spin but after reading these horror stories--well, I think I'll save my money!
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