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Originally Posted by Spong View Post

These use the company's 'Wool rich' fabric which is 51 per cent wool and 49 per cent polyester.
Dear god.
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I was curious about them until I got ahold of some nice Thomas Mason fabric shirts. Never going back...

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I just got a shirt from them. I took my measurements just like their videos show and the fit is excellent. The fabric isn't bad but it's not great either. 100% cotton. However I don't need über-fancy shirts for my work and play situations so I'm happy considering the price.

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I'm ready to place my order, but I'm more used to submit measurement from my best fitting shirt.


For those of you who have ordered and received shirts from iTailor, how much do they add to the neck, chest, waist, hip, length, shoulder and sleeve measurements for their Euro Slim cut actual shirt?  It would be ideal if they add neck (0), chest (+4"), waist (+4"), hip (+5"), length (0), shoulder (yoke - 1/2"), sleeve (0).


Much appreciated.

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I don't know how much they add but I got my shirt in euro slim fit and it is quite snug so it can't be much.

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Hi Guys 
I just brought a three piece suit from them, it took approx 12 weeks to arrive as it was all sent individually.
To be honest the trousers and waistcoat where fine and the cloth used was good quality. 
Unfortunately the jacket was a disaster with huge production errors on it, I sent them an outline with photos as per their policy.
They responded that incorrect cutting was a measurement error! not a production error. Absolutely rubbish. They then said that 80 euros is built into the price, (which is saving and a hook to buy from them) should be used to fix it! you can't fix a poor cut though can you! or a silk purse out of a sow's ear.
The interfacing on the jacket was too heavy on the front, for the cloth, so therefore the drop on the front made me look like it look like I was in a security guard uniform suit instead of a customised made to measure suit.
To be honest your do better to go into high street retailer online and order from there as your get quality control made to measure, and a proper follow up service.
The other thing you need to take into account is that as they are based in Thailand you could be hit for import taxes when the courier turns up.
Hope this helps. 
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How do you get the measurements of your best fitting shirts?

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SFEND002, did you get your shirts yet? How were they?

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You can get the measurements of your best shirt by following the measuring guide on

I actually emailed itailor, and they told me measure a best fitting shirts is the best option. You do need to email them to let them know these are shirt measurement, and not body measurement so they don't add to them.
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 I've been using iTailor for a couple years: the quality, of both, suits and shirts, is excellent.

Garments are very well made (including great details of choice) and true to your personal measurements.

All you need is your exact measurements.

The only thing that's missing is "pick stitching" on suit jacket, which they do not offer.


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I have used several MTM sites so far in a continuing endeavorer to find the sweet spot between reasonable quality and price.  Keep in mind this review is for itailor shirts only, as I have not taken the plunge on suits, and frankly, with the horror stories here, I don't think I will.  itailor checks the box for fabric quality if you select one of their upgraded "pattern/organic" fabrics.  I selected the cream herringbone and was quite satisfied (now discontinued).  The herringbone was smooth and consistent, unlike some of the moderntailor herringbones I've tried, and the fabric was thicker than most of the other shirts I own.  Fit was also very good, as the Euro/slim cut was true to the measurements I sent and did not require any further tailoring after the fact.  Be careful though, if you are not looking for a truly close fitting shirt, avoid this cut and as always, be sure to have someone else measure you.  If I hadn't had my tailor do the measurements I'm sure I would have ended up with a remake.


The collar construction is where these shirts fall down.  As others have mentioned the stays are not removable and there is no option available on the site.  Before my next order I plan to ask and see if they would be willing to make them removable.  That said, even with the crappy stays, a good pressing keeps the points tidy.  However, my biggest complaint is that their double button cut away collar option is one of the strangest cuts I have ever seen.  Even after several wears I struggle to figure out exactly what is so different from my other shirts, but the end result is that rather than a collar that seems to be horizontal across the neck with the points extending toward opposite directions and ending in an outward point, the collar resembles a band collar that has been folded down with an arched shape opening removed for the tie area.  The description itself is technically a cutaway to be sure, but the end results creates a strange hybrid between a traditional point collar's upstanding appearance and the spread of a cutaway.  For some this might be desirable as it leaves a large amount of space for a large windsor knot, but personally, I tend to favor a tighter, more discrete windsor or half windsor so there is a lot of unfilled space.


The single button cutaway is much worse, as the collar height is far too short for anything more than a skinny tie, resulting in a rounded sloppy look, that has a tendency to lift at the points.  Needless to say I am conflicted as I like the cut and fabric of the shirt.  If anyone has tried the italian collar I would be curious to see how it lays in comparison.  I will try to post pictures the next time I wear it to better illustrate the collar issues.




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I am unsure what some other's standards are, but I have bought a half a dozen shirts from these guys, as well as one tie & I am very satisfied. I got exactly what I ordered. These shirts come with all the bells & whistles, and were shipped to my house, after shipping and all for just under forty-two bucks each - I have paid more for that for most shirts I bought retail, before taking them to the tailor. I was able to pick from 4 widths, when it came to ordering the tie. I was able to get it in extra-long (I am 6'3" tall) and it came with a free monogram, on the inside (as my choice). 100% cotton shirts, plus a choice of organic. Ties for $15, $20, & $30 bucks. I didn't buy jeans, suits, a tux or any other items, yet, but I don't see what anyone's complaint is, for the deal one gets, here. My girlfriend even bought a couple of the women's line of shirts for work. I have also been looking at vests & overcoats, and think I will give them a try. For the money, I just cannot see how it could be any major gamble. Also, one other note: I took a couple of the shirts to my local tailor to have eyelet holes put in the collar, so that I can use my collar bars that run through the collar - a feature that iTailor does not yet provide -  she was really very impressed with the level of craftsmanship of the shirts, so you can take that for what it is worth.

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Hello all,


I am sure their shirt was, I ordered a shirt which was great for the price and fit will. as I was happy with their shirt I thought I am going to order 1 suit size "36 UK " cost about about  £185

when I received my suit three weeks later I couldn't wear  it was too small around the shoulders. 

so I decided to contact the Itailor customer service which I think it was in Thailand somewhere after several email which took about a week, every time I they were asking me to take a picture of the suit then send it to them, I realy thought they will send me a bigger size after the discussions and time I spend with them regarding the issues  then all of sadden the  Itailor customer service decided to blame on me that I order the wrong size for my self, I am  very disappointed with their service. the suit is hanging my wardrobe since then I may give to charity this is what happen when you deal with companies who dont have the care for their customers if somethings goes wrong you on your won, if they would be in the UK I at least could get my refund.

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cannot advise on shirts but my experience with this company could act as a warning.


I live in the UK and ordered a suit from these people, I'm a big guy and have difficulty in buying suits " off the peg " when I saw their online offers I thought " why not give it a try". £GB 100  for a suit did'nt seem a bad price, followed all the measurement details on the site and sent off my order, plus another £50 post and packing,Not so cheap now. 3 weeks later the trousers arrived. 2 inches short around the waist !! waited another 3 weeks and the jacket arrived and,in fairness, the jacket is a good fit,but whats the good of a suit with no trousers because 2 inches made sure I could'nt wear them .Once I had received the suit complete I sent off an e mail to the company complete with photos of said problem, got several e mails back each one asking for better photos , in all 6 e mails from me ( at their request ) each time complete with more photos because  itailor were not satisfied with the previous ones I had sent. my last e mail 2 weeks ago has gone unanswered. I feel they have been stringing me along with no intention of helping me out.


As for quality, the material used for the making of the suit is quite a cheap quality, supposedly a wool " blend ". I think I would be safe in saying its a low percentage of wool to a large percentage of some man made fibre.


I buy a lot of my casual clothes online from J.C. Penny  in the States and I have to say, in my opinion, the quality of their products is far better and even with shipping to the UK they work out cheaper. I have never tried a suit from them, perhaps its about time I did.


If you do try out this firm I would advise you to read ALL the terms and conditions. There are reams and reams of them.angry.gif

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