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Anyone happy with

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I searched on here and found that some people have ordered shirts from, but was wondering if anyone could really vouch for their quality, and really had any pictures of the shirts you've ordered. I'd love it if I could order such a custom shirt for so little. Most other bespoke websites want to charge an additional $5 for changing the color of all the little bits, so my shirts end up being an extra $20 a piece.
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No one yet? I'd go ahead and order one now, I just don't want buyers remorse now and in 6 weeks when it gets here.
post #3 of 101 get what you pay for regarding the material....the fit is excellent. I simply entered in my specs...four weeks later...custom shirt...cant beat the price. I typically purchase Burberry off the rack for dress shirts and itailor is pretty much on the same par.

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I'd also be interested in hearing what their suits are like - anyone have any experience?
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Anyone on the suits?

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Just ordered a shirt after a self measure... Will report back with results.
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I read unrefinery's review where he said the suiting materials used were 70 per cent polyester. Can anyone vouch for this? I could accept a 50/50 blend but 70 per cent seems rather a lot of synthetic.

I noticed on iTailor's site many fabrics were listed as 'Wool blend', which is presumably this wool/poly mix, but others said 'Wool rich' which might be a more wool friendly ratio. Does anyone know the different ratios for their cloths?

On the plus side, unrefinery's review said the cut and build quality was good.
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^ Don't buy a poly/wool blend.
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Can you please explain why? Is this to do with something stretching or wearing out quicker?

I understand the draw of pure wool, honestly I do, I own plenty of stuff that is, but, it's all odd pieces bought on sale.

When it comes to buying full suits on my budget I pretty much have to accept some poly content, particular as I'm fond of 3-pieces.

I already own some poly/wool blend stuff and it doesn't seem too bad to me. I just ensure that it's at least 50 per cent wool - preferably more - if poly is the dominant component it's a no-go. 70 per cent fr iTailor would of course fall into this camp.

The only garments where I'm positively militant in their composition being pure wool (or silk) is ties.
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Because it looks like a poly/wool blend. It will also get shiny/shinier quickly. There are inexpensive wool suits out there.
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I have some polyester ones and I've never had said shiny issue.

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Just an FYI.

I've been in touch with iTailor and they've explained to me the cloth composition of their suits. Apparently the plain colours are all 'Wool blend' which is this 70 per cent polyester mix unrefinery spoke of.

The patterned fabrics are listed under 'Pinstripe', which include checks, stripes, herringbones, bird's eye and pinpoint patterns. These use the company's 'Wool rich' fabric which is 51 per cent wool and 49 per cent polyester.

Hope this helps anyone on the fence about fabric composition. I'm considering going for the Wool rich but I was really after some plain navy and charcoal to cover the formal end of the spectrum before hitting the patterns for some fun casual stuff. 70 per cent is too much poly for me.
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I might check them out either way. Great price...

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I recently bought a shirt from iTailor. I have to say I was impressed. The only downside is that they come with preinstalled plastic collar stays, so you can't use nice brass ones.


As for the suits, I wouldn't bother, the material is 70% polyester.

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The shirts from are fantastic. I have spent considerable money on their shirts without any issue. However, suits, pants, jeans, ties - all aweful. The quality and the measurements were way off.


Get a nice Hugo Boss suit, and some shirts from here paired with some Italian made shoes and you are good to go.

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