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Sounds good to me icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif
knucks, what lifts are you curious about? I've deadlifted 410 for a triple, squat 300x1, Log C+J 175. Most of my lifts aren't very impressive but I created lofty goals because I think I can achieve them with hard work. Plus I just started training consistently so I think and hope my lifts will increase nicely with my more steady program. But most of my actual goals are based quarterly because it keeps me from losing focus. I think thats the best way to set em.

Yup, was just curious how lofty the goals are. 585 is a lot man, not to get you down, but just program well and don't get discouraged. Better to start out conservative and work your way up. I remember that going from 405>500 was quite hard for me, 5lb increases after that are..a big big jump.
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sub 2:40 for the marathon!
(also sub 16 for 5k and sub 1:16 for half marathon)
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-400/300/500. The bench should def be doable, still ways to go on the other two
-Do more climbing, don't be as awful at it as last year
-Run 3 half marathons
-One-arm pullup
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